Chapter 1870: “Resounding Face Slap (3)”

    Chapter 1870: "Resounding Face Slap (3)"

    Elder Yue was slightly taken aback.

    "Forest Moon Pavilion." Jun Wu Xie suddenly spat out those three highly chilling words from behind Elder Yue.

    Impossible! You cannot possibly have found Yue Yi!" Cold sweat broke out from Elder Yue as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie, his face in utter disbelief.

    Jun Wu Xie instead continued to say unhurriedly: "You were very clever. Knowing that the Forest Moon Pavilion is where the previous generations of the Shadow Moon Palace Lords are reverently worshipped and prayed to, and only on days where memorial prayers are held, would the Shadow Moon Palace Lord lead the Elders to the Forest Moon Pavilion to pray to the ancestors, with the place not allowing any disciple to set foot inside on any other day. You thought that hiding Yue Yi in the Forest Moon Pavilion would then make it difficult for anyone to find him. Unfortunately..... I still managed to do it."

    Jun Wu Xie's cold voice smashed up the final life saving straw that Elder Yue had.

    Elder Yue had already had already openly gone against the Shadow Moon Palace Lord earlier and he was now not only severely injured by Ye Gu, Yue Yi whom he had held in his hands had been also been rescued by Jun Wu Xie!

    In just that one short hour, Elder Yue was struck by the biggest setback he had experienced throughout his entire life!

    And this setback gave him no way of getting out from this situation alive.

    At that moment, all colour had drained out of Elder Yue's face completely, and he suddenly felt a chill creeping up into his entire body.

    The doors of the palace hall was blocked off by Jun Wu Xie and he carried a severe wound on his body, while behind his back was Elder Ying that he hated right into his bones.

    He had been forced into a dead corner!

    All of a sudden!

    Elder Yue fell to his knees in the palace hall, ignoring the wound on his wrist as he kowtowed continuously at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord who was shielded by many disciples.

    "My Lord! This old man had eyes but was too blind to see, this old mind here confused and muddled. I beg for my Lord to take into account that this old man had bent his back to toil tirelessly for the Shadow Moon Palace's sake for so many years, and save this old man's life! This old man is willing to present up every last bit of my fortune to the Shadow Moon Palace, and this old man will definitely obey every single order my Lord gives. I beg for my Lord to treat me as just a dog, and save my life!" Elder Yue continued to kowtow, as he pleaded.

    Regardless whether Jun Wu Xie was brought in by Elder Ying, just looking at Jun Wu Xie's demeanor, she did not look like she had any intentions of letting him live.

    And Elder Yue was only left with just one path to tread, through the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. He had no choice but to beg with everything he had, trying his best to elicit sympathy from deep inside the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart.

    A pity, this time Elder Yue had done his sums incorrectly.

    If it was said that this was before Yue Ye appeared, even if the Shadow Moon Palace Lord knew that Elder Yue could possibly have done something that harmed the Shadow Moon Palace, he would have spared him on account of old sentiments. But after the Shadow Moon Palace Lord knew that Elder Yue had ordered Yue Ye to poison him, he had then hated Elder Yue to the bone!

    "Elder Yue, you think I will save such a heartless and ungrateful white eyed wolf like you?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord sneered with a cold laugh. He then raised his head, and looked upon Jun Wu Xie with her city ruining looks to say politely: "Miss Jun, If you want to stand up for Elder Ying here today, I will not have any opinion about it. This person is no longer an Elder of my Shadow Moon Palace, and whether you want to kill him or skin him alive, you can do as you wish."

    "My Lord! ! !" Elder Yue's eyes widened as he glared, the irises magnifying from terror.

    However, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did not even look once at him, but was looking covetously at Jun Wu Xie's beauty.

    "Ye Gu." Jun Wu Xie's voice sounded like death's knell, ringing out from behind Elder Yue.

    Elder Yue's body shivered as a chill shot through him, his survival instinct pushing out all his spirit powers in an explosion suddenly, roaring as he turned around and charged towards the exit of the palace hall!

    However, in that instant that Elder Yue's body had not yet even gotten close to the palace hall's doors, the figure of Ye Gu had already come right behind Elder Yue!
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