Chapter 1871: “Resounding Face Slap (4)”

    Chapter 1871: "Resounding Face Slap (4)"

    Several bolts of black light shot out so fast they could not be seen clearly, but they just heard a series of crisp and clear crashes.

    Elder Yue suddenly fell to the floor!

    "ARRGH!" A mournful wail reverberated within the vast palace hall.

    Elder Yue's four limbs systematically broken off, the garish white bones sticking out from his wounds, pierced through his flesh. Bright red blood flowed onto the floor in a wide pool, the stench of blood spreading through the entire palace hall.

    Ye Gu stood just a step's distance away behind Elder Yue. No one had been able to even see clearly how he had struck and it was all already over.

    That scene before their eyes made the palace hall fall eerily silent.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's eyes stared wide as he looked at Ye Gu, unable to believe that under the Heavens, such a tyrannical power existed which did not even need the summoning of any spirit power to dismember all four limbs of a Silver Spirit.

    Jun Wu Xie raised a foot, slowly walking to go stand right before Elder Yue. Seeing Elder Yue fallen within the pool of blood and howling in pain, there wasn't a trace of pity in her eyes as the image of that secret chamber rose within her mind, with its countless number of brocade boxes holding aggrieved souls trapped and buried within those hidden brocade boxes, which had already turned Elder Yue lying within his blood into a unforgivable demon.

    "Don't..... Don't kill me..... Don't kill me....." Elder Yue was both shocked and terrified, the pain in his body forcing his teeth to clench up tightly. He stared at the pair of shoes standing right in front of his nose, his eyes filled with abject fear.

    He who had once been able to cover the skies with just one hand in the Shadow Moon Palace, would never have once thought that he would one fine day be tormented so wretchedly and pitifully by people.....

    Terror spread throughout his body, so terrified that tears and mucus fell all over the floor from his face, his mouth begging incessantly for mercy.

    "I will not kill you, at least I won't for now." Jun Wu Xie's cold voice sounded from above Elder Yue's head.

    That voice was like crushed ice, but it allowed Elder Yue to feel a sliver of hope.

    "Killing you, will be too easy for you." This last statement from Jun Wu Xie, quickly crushed out the last vestiges of hope that Elder Yue held.

    The tip of Jun Wu Xie's shoe dug in under Elder Yue's chin, forcibly forcing him to raise his head. With a twist of the tip of his foot, it lodged straight at Elder Yue's throat, the intense pain causing Elder Yue to wail mournfully.

    At the moment that he opened his mouth, Jun Wu Xie then slowly threw in an elixir into Elder Yue's mouth."This thing, has not been used for a rather long time already and I hope you'll like it." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed, looking down from a higher vantage point at Elder Yue, his face fearful.

    "What..... What did you make me eat....." Elder Yue was trembling as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    "Something that won't kill you, nor let you live." Jun Wu Xie cold voice announced Elder Yue's fate.

    "What....." Elder Yue's eyes glared widely.

    "Rotting Bones. It's Rotting Bones." Yue Ye's voice sounded suddenly.

    Yue Ye took a step forward, standing behind Jun Wu Xie as she looked into Elder Yue's terrified gaze, slowly opening her mouth to torment Elder Yue's fragile nerves.

    "Rotting Bones is a poison my Master concocted. Anyone who ingests it if not given the antidote, all the flesh upon his body will quickly rot, till only the skeleton remains but the person will not die as. After all the rotted flesh has finished falling, new flesh will grow back, an endless cycle, Unable to die, unable to live." Yue Ye's voice which still sounded a little childlike, but sounded just like a nightmare on Elder Yue's ears.

    "Master is right. Just killing you off will be too easy for you. An animal like you, even if you died, you will dirty the road leading to Hell." Yue Ye said furiously.

    " Don't..... Don't....." Elder Yue was overcome with terror. He had never heard of such a poison, but the words pushed him further into pure and utter hopelessness and despair.
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