Chapter 1872: “Resounding Face Slap (5)”

    Chapter 1872: "Resounding Face Slap (5)"

    Elder Yue's howling did not receive any kind of response and the only thing that awaited him was just the agonizing torment of being rendered unable to beg for death and not given the chance to plead to live.

    Jun Wu Xie treaded over the floor that was stained with Elder Yue's blood as she passed, the blood fresh and red as it stuck under her feet. With every step she took, she would then leave a garishly scarlet footprint upon the shiny marble floor.

    Within the grand palace hall, only Elder Yue's gradually weakening wails continued to sound.

    Everyone else, had all been so overcome with shock that their bodies had turned cold, by Jun Wu Xie's "Rotting Bones".

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord quivered as an icy chill shot through him, staring at the stunningly beautiful young lady standing there within the palace hall, unable to imagine that such a sensationally terrifying poison was actually concocted by such a flawless young beauty.

    "Miss Jun, although you are not a disciple of my Shadow Moon Palace, but since you are on familiar terms with our Elder Ying, then you are also a friend of the Shadow Moon Palace. Now that you have eradicated this treacherous criminal on behalf of our Shadow Moon Palace, the Shadow Moon Palace will naturally owe you a debt. I would like to invite Miss Jun to stay here in the Shadow Moon Palace for a short period, to allow me to express gratitude." The chill the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had felt in his heart, had now been cleanly swept aside by Jun Wu Xie's mesmerizing looks.

    That poison might sound highly terrifying, but it might just be something Yue Ye, the little lass had made up to scare Elder Yue in revenge.

    "My Lord, Elder Yue has been taken care of, but with the atrocities done upon the Zhan Family, don't you think you need to say something about it to me?" Elder Ying took a deep breath before he said. After admiring the wretched state Elder Yue had been reduced to, he turned himself around to stare at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord seated high up upon the elevated principal seat. Having been in the Shadow Moon Palace for so many years, how could he not be able to detect that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was trying to win Jun Wu Xie over.

    But just how despicable and shameless would the Shadow Moon Palace Lord need to be for the Palace Lord to still be able to use his relations with Jun Wu Xie to rope in Jun Wu Xie, even after Elder Yue had exposed the truth behind his son's death.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's expression then stiffened, his face immediately showing a trace of helplessness.

    "Elder Ying, how can you believe Elder Yue's words? How I've treated you ever since you joined the Shadow Moon Palace, hasn't it been clear to you? If I was truly just seeking to make use of you, why would I give you so much authourity, to allow you to become one among the two most prominent Elders in the Shadow Moon Palace? Elder Yue's words were obviously an attempt to drive a wedge between the two of us. He had a venomous mind and I do not know of the kind of things he did. Haven't I very nearly been killed by him as well?"

    Elder Ying laughed with cold derison. "The Lord bestowed power upon me just because you were ill and was unable to control the Shadow Moon Palace, and was afraid that Elder Yue's lone authourity would grow. Hence you supported me to go against him. This old man might not be all that quick witted, but I am not that dumb."

    The colour of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face turned uglier and uglier, cursing at the wretched Elder Yue a countless number of times. If Elder Yue had not blabbed out those words, he would then be able to use the friendly relations between Jun Wu Xie and Elder Ying to pull Jun Wu Xie into the Shadow Moon Palace.

    The level of gift Jun Wu Xie was endowed with could only be termed as unmatchable among the younger generation and with these looks that could throw the world in shock, it greatly moved the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's heart.

    Moreover, after having witnessed Ye Gu's powers, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord just couldn't wait to pull those few people into the Shadow Moon Palace. He could tell that the two black robed men behind Jun Wu Xie acted on her orders.

    If he could possess such tyrannical power that was able to kill a Silver Spirit instantly, then the Shadow Moon Palace's position among the Twelve Palaces would be completely different in future.

    The calculations in the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's mind were so attractive, but the words Elder Yue said earlier spoilt it all for him.

    "Elder Ying, I have treated you with a sincere heart, and I hope that you will not allow yourself to be incited by treacherous traitors."
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