Chapter 1873: “Resounding Face Slap (6)”

    Chapter 1873: "Resounding Face Slap (6)"

    Elder Ying's face creased up in a sneer.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord saw that Elder Ying could not be convinced and he had no choice but to say to Jun Wu Xie directly: "Miss Jun has done the Shadow Moon Palace a favour. There is some misunderstanding between Elder Ying and me but I think Miss Jun being a wise person should be able to differentiate accordingly. I have always treated the disciples and Elders in the palace with cordiality or otherwise, it would not have indulged Elder Yue into seeking to stage a rebellion like that."

    Jun Wu Xie looked at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord expressionlessly, and towards his explanation, she showed no reaction.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord felt a little awkward but when he saw Ye Gu standing just behind Jun Wu Xie, he forced himself to perk up and continued to lobby.

    Till Jun Wu Xie's patience ran out, and she finally opened her mouth.

    "You're done speaking?"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord face lit up with joy, and he immediately nodded.

    "Is there anything that Miss Jun would like to lend her advise?"

    "You want to rope me into the Shadow Moon Palace?" Jun Wu Xie asked, with an eyebrow raised slightly.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was completely stumped against Jun Wu Xie's blunt and direct words and it was quite a while before he was able to readjust himself back to say with a laugh: "Miss Jun is highly nimble minded and possesses extraordinary gift, truly a rare talent among men under the Heavens. If you are interested in joining my Shadow Moon Palace, it would naturally be the Shadow Moon Palace's fortune and I give my word to welcome you with the position of an Elder."

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord repeated the same old trick, reusing the method he employed to cajole Elder Ying in the past to try to convince Jun Wu Xie.

    Suddenly, the corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up with the faint tinge of a smile.

    The smile was extremely faint, seemingly almost unnoticeable, but it was exactly that highly slight arc that made Jun Wu Xie's entire face turn even more mesmerizing, which entranced the Shadow Moon Palace Lord so much he stared in a daze, unable to recover his senses.

    "Really sorry." Jun Wu Xie said as she lifted her head slightly.

    "I have no interest in joining your Shadow Moon Palace. But towards obliterating the Shadow Moon Palace, I am instead highly interested."

    Jun Wu Xie's words struck the Shadow Moon Palace Lord who was entranced by beauty like a bolt. His eyes stared widely at Jun Wu Xie, unable to believe what he just heard.

    "Miss Jun, could you be telling a joke? It is not in the least bit funny." The expression on the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face was looking rather ugly.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders, and then raised a hand to give a light wave.

    Ye Sha who was standing outside the palace hall suddenly shut the hall's doors!

    The heavy boom of the door closing reverberated inside the vast hall, the sound striking at the hearts of everyone within.

    "A joke? Think of it as you like." Jun Wu Xie said casually.

    Even if the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was a complete idiot, he should still be able to see that the situation didn't seem right anymore.

    "Miss Jun, there is no grudge between our Shadow Moon Palace and you nor have we offended you. Throughout the time you were here in our Shadow Moon Palace impersonating Chang Huan, I have been nothing but polite to you. So what is this you are doing here?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's voice had somehow sunken at that moment.

    "Doing as I please." Jun Wu Xie casually threw out that "vomit blood" inducing statement.

    As she please? !

    Just because it pleased her, she could just say she wanted to obliterate the Shadow Moon Palace of the Twelve Palaces? !

    Everyone within the palace hall almost vomited blood in indignant rage upon hearing Jun Wu Xie's reply.

    There couldn't possibly be all that many people under the Heavens that dared to say such words to the Twelve Palaces.

    "Jun Wu Xie, you are serious?" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord narrowed up his eyes, staring straight at the so arrogant Jun Wu Xie that she made people turn purple.

    "I am." Jun Wu Xie replied with a raised eyebrow.

    Jun Wu Xie's words turned all that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord did before become one big joke. He had been so eager to recruit her but she had actually come here fully intent on obliterating the entire Shadow Moon Palace. Everything that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord said before suddenly sounded so much a complete irony.
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