Chapter 1874: “Resounding Face Slap (7)”

    Chapter 1874: "Resounding Face Slap (7)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace disciples in the palace immediately looked upon the situation sternly and spirit powers emitting light of different colours manifested in the Shadow Moon Palace grand hall.

    But if one looked closely, they would be able to see that the faces of the disciples were pale and were all forcing a calm front upon their faces, their terror filled eyes revealing the fear they felt in their hearts.


    How were they going to resist?

    They had already been rather nervous when they were facing Elder Yue and what they had to face now was a demon that had been able able to take down Elder Yue in an instant!

    Right at that moment, the image of Ye Gu executing an instant take down of Elder Yue rooted deeply into the minds and fear had already crushed their fighting will.

    "Alright, I would like to see how all of you are going to resist." Jun Wu Xie lifted up her chin, almost arrogant as she stared at the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    In the instant that Jun Wu Xie's voice fell, the figures of Ye Sha and Ye Gu had already leapt to come in front of Jun Wu Xie, black mist swirling around their bodies at almost the same instant!

    When that black mist that almost felt like spirit glow surrounded the bodies of Ye Sha and Ye Gu, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord who had still wanted to give it one last fight immediately froze in his spot, to stare at Ye Sha and Ye Gu in utter shock like he had been turned to stone.

    "Black spirit powers..... Devil Spirit..... Devil Spirit..... You men are from the Dark Regions! You people are actually from the Dark Regions! ! !" The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's face looked like he had seen a ghost, the pitch of his voice almost turned into a scream.

    The piercing sound reached the ears of everyone, almost bursting their eardrums.

    It was just one glance and it made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord feel as if he had lost his soul, hopelessly terrified as he fell back into his chair like he had been possessed, to shiver uncontrollably.

    The Dark Regions.

    The supreme existence in the hearts of everyone in the Middle Realm. Even though the Dark Regions had gone into seclusion for close to a thousand years, the awe accorded to them still remained.

    To the knowledge of the people in the world, spirit power starts with the initial seven colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple, followed by the Silver Spirit and Gold Spirit. And outside of these spirit powers, there was one more type. A type of black power, similar to spirit powers, but at the same time completely different.

    And throughout the entire Middle Realm, the only place that was able to utilize such a power was just people of the Dark Regions alone!

    How many years ago had it been when the Dark Regions unified the Middle Realm, and how many Silver Spirits and Gold Spirits had been crushed by that black coloured power, having buried how many of the most elite fighters of the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples.

    That power which had seemingly stemmed from nightmares, was termed as the devil spirit.....

    Power that was derived from the devil.

    With the Dark Emperor fallen, the Dark Regions had gone into seclusion and the devil spirit had not appeared among the people for several hundred years, where only people who smeared the name of the Dark Emperor would face the wrath of the devil spirit.

    Not even in his dreams would the Shadow Moon Palace Lord have thought that he would see the real devil spirit one day.

    At that moment, he finally understood the reason why he had not seen the slightest bit of spirit glow showing when Ye Gu struck, because the power Ye Gu employed was the devil spirit, a power that came from the dark depths of Hell. That black coloured devil spirit had blended in with Ye Gu's full black clothes and with the extremely fast speed he had moved at, there was no way of noticing it!

    "The Dark Regions! It's the Dark Regions! It's my mistake..... I've made a big mistake....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was raining with sweat, curled up upon the chair to tremble in terror, his face turned ashen, so miserable looking like he had had ice cold water thrown upon him.

    He could not longer feel the slightest bit of wanting to resist at all in his heart.

    Even after the Dark Regions had gone in seclusion for so many years, seeing the people of the Dark Regions appear still meant certain calamity had descended.

    An overwhelming power impossible to resist against! No one could possibly survive under an attack from the Dark Regions!
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