Chapter 1875: “Resounding Face Slap (8)”

    Chapter 1875: "Resounding Face Slap (8)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's wretchedness and terror threw the already fearful disciples into a bigger panic as their hands gripped around their weapons began to shake.

    The Dark Regions.....

    That was the greatest nightmare entrenched into the minds of everyone there.

    This was the kind of awe the Dark Regions commanded that was being displayed before Jun Wu Xie for the first time. Might that dominated over all, astounding Jun Wu Xie.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu had merely revealed their devil spirit powers and it had made the Shadow Moon Palace Lord lose all will to fight, gripped in such great terror that it was hard to imagine.

    Standing within the palace hall, Elder Ying stared flabbergasted at everything happening before his eyes. He had heard of the fame of the Dark Regions before, but it had been different from what the Twelve Palaces felt. The impression the various Family Clans had of the Dark Regions was not all that bad but despite that, Elder Ying had never thought that Jun Wu Xie and her men were people from the Dark Regions!

    Elder Ying had been astounded by the might of Ye Gu and Ye Sha before but he had not known their real origins as he had not dared to probe.

    And when the Shadow Moon Palace Lord screamed out the words "Dark Region", he had been absolutely stunned.

    Never had he expected that Jun Wu Xie and her men to have hailed from such a terrifying place of origin!

    Jun Wu Xie glanced with an icy gaze upon the petrified Shadow Moon Palace Lord and slowly raised a hand.

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu suddenly turned into two black whirlwinds, sweeping straight towards the Shadow Moon Palace's people.

    In an instant, red blood splattered in all directions!

    The disciples whose had been so badly gripped in terror their souls had left their bodies stood completely defenceless before Ye Sha and Ye Gu's onslaught.

    Wails rang out within the Shadow Moon Palace's grand hall.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord remained curled up as he shrank back into the back of his seat, his hands held over the back of his head as he cowered, his eyes tightly shut as the mournful wails of the Shadow Moon Palace disciples filled his ears. The heavy stench of blood pervaded the air within the hall and as he breathed, the smell filled his lungs which drove him into deeper terror.

    The entire bunch of disciples had in one short minute been completely massacred by Ye Sha and Ye Gu, their fallen bodies piled up together in the middle of the palace hall, bright blood staining every single corner of the vast hall.

    Ye Sha walked up to stand beside the principal seat and raised a hand to pick up the completely petrified Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    Held in Ye Sha's grip, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord waved his hands vehemently, struggling futilely without any meaning. He was finally brought before Jun Wu Xie, to be unceremoniously dumped onto the floor.

    The once high and mighty Shadow Moon Palace Lord fell to sit upon the floor, a miserable wretched figure before Jun Wu Xie. Beneath him, was filled with still warm blood, the sticky touch passing right through his clothes onto his skin, causing him to fall further into shock and his teeth to chatter.

    "Spare me..... Spare my life..... You want the Shadow Moon Palace, I'll give it to you..... Whether you want to destroy it, or whatever you want..... just spare me my life....." The Shadow Moon Palace Lord's deathly pale face was filled with terror as he lifted his pleading eyes to look at Jun Wu Xie, his life held in the hands of this peerlessly beautiful young lady at that moment.

    "Let you off?" Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow. She swept her gaze over the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and she raised up a hand to to beckon Yue Ye and Elder Ying over.

    Elder Ying snapped back to his senses from shock and walked over to Jun Wu Xie while Yue Ye was so stunned by everything before her eyes that she stood there completely frozen, unable to react in the slightest for a long while.

    "You can ask them whether they are willing to let you off." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    In order to gain the Zhan Family's treasures, the Shadow Moon Palace had not hesitated to murder Elder Ying's son and daughter in law, and had even kept Yue Yi and Yue Ye with them as playthings and to be used as pawns, so cruel were they that they were subjected to abuse right before their own grandfather's face, all of that a crime the Shadow Moon Palace was undeniably guilty of.
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