Chapter 1876: “Resounding Face Slap (9)”

    Chapter 1876: "Resounding Face Slap (9)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord scrambled in a crawl to come beside Elder Ying's foot, tears and mucus smeared all over his face in a mess as he wailed mournfully: "Elder Ying, Elder Ying please let me off! I have not treated you shabbily at all right? The incident with your son was not my doing. It was Elder Yue's idea! He only came to tell me about it after he was done with the deed and I knew nothing about it before that! Elder Ying, I beg you to spare my life! Whatever you want as recompense, I will give it to you!"

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord was already frightened out of his wits as he cried and begged.

    Elder Ying merely cast a cold gaze upon the weeping and sobbing Shadow Moon Palace Lord, completely unmoved.

    "Did you then spare my son at that time?" Elder Ying retorted icily.

    The Shadow Moon Palace Lord continued to beg for mercy but Elder Ying just brushed him off, not giving him another glance but instead turn to Jun Wu Xie to say: "Miss Jun, I've really troubled your people to exact vengeance on my behalf and I hereby thank you."

    Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly. She understood what Elder Ying meant and she raised up a hand in a wave at Ye Gu.

    Ye Gu immediately stepped forward and lifted up the Shadow Moon Palace Lord cowering on the floor completely off the ground!

    A squeal tore out from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's mouth and he struggled incessantly, but was not a match for Ye Gu's power. With one hand, Ye Gu picked him up and his other hand clasped upon his throat.

    A sharp crack sounded and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's head drooped limply, twisted at an impossible angle.....

    The entire palace hall was filled with the thick stench of blood as Elder Ying stared at the lifeless body of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord that had been tossed onto the floor before turning to look at the numerous corpses littered all over and Elder Yue who had fainted away from pain. He drew in a deep breath and lifted his head up with his eyes closed, two streams of tears falling out from the corners of his eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie stood in the middle of the palace hall, the silence in the hall at that moment feeling highly tranquil. She then turned her head, to look upon the stunned and dazed figure of Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye's gaze was filled with utter shock as it met the eyes of Jun Wu Xie, and she felt a slight quake shake her entire body.

    Everything today, with so many things that happened, to Yue Ye who was merely twelve years of age, overwhelmed her and there was so much that she needed to go think about.

    "Miss Jun, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord is dead but there are still quite a number of disciples in the Shadow Moon Palace. What do you intend to do next?" Elder Ying regained his senses from having just exacted revenge as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with a serious expression.

    If his memory served him correctly, what Jun Wu Xie said in the beginning was to destroy the entire Shadow Moon Palace and not to just simply kill the Shadow Moon Palace Lord.

    "Annihilation." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    Elder Ying was rather taken aback. "The disciples of the Shadow Moon Palace in this place number almost ten thousand. Although Miss Jun and your two subordinates possess extraordinary power, but thinking to eliminate everyone in here within a short period of time would still pose some difficulties. If news of it leak out, it might even push the other palaces to take action."

    Although the Twelve Palaces were not completely cohesive at heart, but if they knew that someone was challenging the might of the Twelve Palaces, they would still band together against those external forces.

    Jun Wu Xie however replied: "They will not even have that opportunity."

    Saying that, Ye Sha and Ye Gu had already walked up to the doors of the palace hall, to push the tightly shut doors wide open.

    And the scene that was revealed beyond those doors outside, caused Elder Ying to immediately freeze right in his spot!

    Within the vast Shadow Moon Palace, two gigantic Spirit Beasts were going about in wanton massacre, killing the Shadow Moon Palace's helpless disciples who were gripped in throes of terror, and within the chaos among the crowds, he seemed to see two human figures weaving through people like Gods of Death, reaping the lives of all those disciples!
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