Chapter 1877: “Resounding Face Slap (10)”

    Chapter 1877: "Resounding Face Slap (10)"

    Elder Ying stared with his mouth agape at the massacre before his eyes. While the palace's doors had been tightly shut, he had not known that the Heavens were already shifting outside.

    Lord Meh Meh, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, Drunk Lotus and Poppy had embarked on a bloody massacre the moment the huge palace doors were shut!

    Ye Sha and Ye Gu turned into two shadowy streaks as they jumped into the battle.

    There was no doubt as to the result of this battle. Jun Wu Xie only needed to stand outside the palace hall to quietly admire the scene of blood splattering and it was enough.

    At that moment, Elder Ying finally understood why Jun Wu Xie had been able to speak so confidently.

    Because, from the moment that she had decided to bring down Elder Yue and the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, she had already arranged all of this.

    Yue Ye stood just behind Jun Wu Xie, staring at the bloody massacre right before her eyes as her befuddled eyes turned clear and heated to a fervour!

    All of this had been her Master's doing!

    Yue Ye's gaze then turned to look at Jun Wu Xie's petite back, her eyes filling with worship at a maniacal level never seen before!

    The entire Shadow Moon Palace was completely cleared out within a day and when night fell, there wasn't a single disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace alive anymore. No one would have ever thought that on such a normal and tranquil day like that, the Shadow Moon Palace that was one among the mighty Twelve Palaces had disappeared from the lands so silently.

    After having bathed the Shadow Moon Palace with blood, Jun Wu Xie did not leave the place but continued to remain within the Shadow Moon Palace.

    The Shadow Moon Palace that had once saw people everywhere one went was now left with Jun Wu Xie and her bloodthirsty bunch of executors.

    Elder Yue was imprisoned to let him suffer the torment and agony of Rotting Bones, unable to live, unable to even find solace in death.

    With Elder Yue's revelation of the siblings' relationship with Elder Yue, Yue Ye was not able to accept that reality for a long period of time and Elder Ying did not dare to be too anxious to go too close as well, but just tried his best to gently pull the distance between him and Yue Ye a little closer bit by bit.

    Yue Yi's condition improved under Jun Wu Xie's care and on the day that he regained consciousness, Yue Ye broke down and cried in his arms for a long while. When Yue Yi came to know that the Shadow Moon Palace had been completely annihilated by Jun Wu Xie while he had been unconscious, he was stunned into a daze and did not recover for a long time.

    Towards the fact of finding out that Elder Ying was his grandfather, Yue Yi was able to accept it a little more readily than Yue Ye. It could be due to him being quite a bit older and although it wouldn't be considered to be enthusiastic, he was at least able to occasionally chat with him a little.

    All of that, to Elder Ying, was already highly sufficient.

    Jun Wu Xie stayed there in the Shadow Moon Palace for a good half year's time. In that half a year, the outside world merely felt that the Shadow Moon Palace had been more withdrawn and kept a low profile, never knowing that the Shadow Moon Palace had already become an almost deserted palace.

    In that slightly more than half a year's period, tumultuous changes that shook the Heavens and Earth took place within the Twelve Palaces.

    Zhuge Yin's death had brought about a bitter struggle between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace, with the Pure Grace Palace dragged into the furore. The already tense relations between the Twelve Palaces had become one with daggers drawn and bows bent at ready.

    Besides the Blood Fiend Palace, the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Pure Grace Palace, nobody knew what happened but there was a sudden eruption conflicts in many instances among the other palaces. The Twelve Palaces who had always pretended to enjoy a semblance of cordiality had suddenly seemed to shed all pretence and began to go against each other openly, not hesitating to come to blows with each other.

    The entire Middle Realm sank into a strange kind of atmosphere from the chaotic fighting that had broken out among the Twelve Palaces, where frequent incidents of slaughter were carried out, throwing many of the people into fear and terror.

    Many of the palaces suffered losses throughout the many fights and the number of deaths and injuries suffered by their disciples uncountable, where even powerful pugilists at the Elder levels had lost their lives!
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