Chapter 1878: “Rumblings of Disorder (1)”

    Chapter 1878: "Rumblings of Disorder (1)"

    Many of the palaces suffered losses throughout the many fights and the number of deaths and injuries suffered by their disciples uncountable, where even powerful pugilists at the Elder levels had lost their lives!

    The fights between themselves grew larger and larger in scale, and in just a half year's time, the count for the dead and injured of their disciples reached highly astounding numbers.

    "Master! !" Within the Shadow Moon Palace, Yue Ye came charging straight towards Jun Wu Xie in a whizz while hugging a couple of medical books.

    Suddenly seeing Yue Ye appear, Jun Wu Xie raised up her face slightly, her peerlessly beautiful countenance completely unconcealed which made Yue Ye's heart palpitate under that gaze.

    "Master, don't look at me like that. I'll be embarrassed." Yue Ye raised up the books in her hands to hide her face, looking highly flustered.

    Ever since she saw Jun Wu Xie's real face, Yue Ye had even after having countless interactions with Jun Wu Xie throughout this half a year, still not gotten used to Jun Wu Xie's flawlessly beautiful countenance, and being just casually glanced at by those enchanting eyes, she would feel as if she had received grace from the gods!

    Her Master, was definitely the most and "beautifulest" person in the whole wide world!

    With none better!

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Yue Ye speechlessly. With the annihilation of the Shadow Moon Palace, Yue Ye no longer needed to hide her real personality. Added to that was Elder Ying's and Yue Yi's indulgent doting upon her, it gradually allowed the little girl of many facades who had lived her life repressed, to become jovial.

    But that personality that was growing more and more unrestrained had so greatly surprised Jun Wu Xie that she was beginning to suspect if she had immediately met Jun Xian and Jun Qin upon escaping from that place, would she have turned out like Yue Ye from being indulged and doted upon by the two of them.

    The little black cat sat cradled within Jun Wu Xie's arms as it licked its paws calmly, to then raise its head to look at its Mistress' expression and it could roughly guess what Jun Wu Xie was thinking.

    It felt like saying.....

    Its Mistress was just thinking too much. Even if she had grown up in a harmonious and fulfilled family from young, it would not change her cold and indifferent personality at all. Yue Ye had been putting up a false front before and although she was seen to be obedient before people, she was a mischievous rascal once out of sight. But Jun Wu Xie had always shown that face of facial paralysis from beginning to end.

    [The core nature of the two people were completely different okay! ?]

    "Cough..... You need something?" Jun Wu Xie retracted her thoughts and opened her mouth to ask.

    Yue Ye nodded and she tottered over to Jun Wu Xie's side to spread open the book she held in her hand upon the stone table. Pointing to everything upon it, she looked inquiringly at Jun Wu Xie asking for instruction.

    In this half year's time, under Jun Wu Xie's guidance, Yue Ye's knowledge of medicine had increased by leaps and bounds. She already possessed the gift for it and with such a Heaven defying Master like Jun Wu Xie guiding her, her medical skills had truly soared to astonishing levels!

    Jun Wu Xie explained everything patiently to Yue Ye and after Yue Ye listened attentively to her, she suddenly plopped her chin into both her palms, to stare fixedly at Jun Wu Xie's face.

    "Master, you're really very good looking."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie could not find any words. How could this little lass' thoughts change direction so quickly?

    "Master, I really like you a lot. It would be great if you could be my sister in law." Yue Ye said, her eyes filled with anticipation.

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was completely dumbfounded.

    Squatting low atop the roof in guard, Ye Sha almost fell off from the roof in shock.

    [That little one can really shoot her mouth off can't she?]

    [Fortunately those words were said before the Young Miss. If they reached the ears of Lord Jue.....]

    Ye Sha could not help but took a big gulp as he looked at Yue Ye mournfully.

    [Little girl, you will get your own elder brother killed you know! ! ?]
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