Chapter 1879: “Rumblings of Disorder (2)”

    Chapter 1879: "Rumblings of Disorder (2)"

    Ye Sha was still suffering from the remnant quakes from shock when he saw Ye Gu who was standing at the side suddenly turn around to leave, and the direction that he was leaving towards immediately made Ye Sha's scalp crawl!

    Ye Sha quickly pounced like a tiger onto Ye Gu's thigh!

    "Boss! Where are you going? !"

    "Kill Yue Yi." Ye Gu said calmly with a stern face.

    "....." Ye Sha shivered from the chill that shot through him.

    "That wouldn't really be good would it? Yue Yi is afterall Young Miss' ally." [The bossman is going to slaughter him now, does the Young Miss even know about it?]

    Ye Gu creased up his brows as he looked at Ye Sha to say: "Anyone who dares to compete with Lord Jue must die."

    As the Dark Regime's Commander in Chief, shouldering the Dark Emperor's woes was the most basic responsibility.

    Ye Sha was almost about to weep!

    [Yue Yi is completely innocent! There is no way he will dare to compete with Lord Jue at all alright?]

    [Can't he see that after Yue Yi saw Jun Wu Xie's real countenance and realized Jun Wu Xie's real gender, he doesn't even dare to cast his glance in Jun Wu Xie's direction, and he even made himself maintain that goddamned seven step distance away from her at all times! That guy has been proper and not strayed out of bounds at all you know! ?]

    At that moment, Ye Sha really didn't know whether laugh or cry. One single statement from Yue Ye had verily almost drawn a life threatening calamity upon Yue Yi!

    Although Yue Ye was blissfully unaware of the kind of terrifying consequences she could have brought upon her elder brother, but after staring intently at Jun Wu Xie for a while more, she then said: "Nope. Big Brother is so dumb and he is completely unworthy of my Master you. It's better to forget it."

    "....." Jun Wu Xie was still at a loss for words.

    Ye Sha then patted himself over his heart.

    [Luckily..... Luckily..... Yue Yi was just saved.]

    Ye Sha then raised his eyes to look at Ye Gu resolutely, his demeanor and expression saying "You don't be rash, a little kid's words must not be taken seriously."

    Ye Gu creased up his brows and looked at Yue Ye for a good while before he abandoned the thought of going to have Yue Yi killed.

    Yue Yi who was practicing cultivation in his room was completely oblivious to the fact that his tiny life was almost forfeit because of words spoken in tease by his very own little sister.

    "Master, Master..... In future, my Master's other half must definitely be of unmatched magnificence and style, or I will never consent to it." Yue Ye's feelings towards Jun Wu Xie had already reached a level of blind worship and in her heart, her own Master was perfection, impossible to find one even among ten thousand and any regular men were completely unworthy of her!

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised and the face of Jun Wu Yao's face unconsciously rose up within her mind as she slowly nodded her head.

    Unmatched magnificence and style?

    That would only be him.

    Just as Jun Wu Xie was being helplessly teased by Yue Ye's queer and eccentric personality, the figure of Elder Ying suddenly appeared at the entrance of the yard.

    The moment that Yue Ye saw Elder Yue, the brilliant smile on her face immediately faded slightly and her eyes grew a little panicked as she went quietly to hide behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Elder Ying noticed Yue Ye's reaction and his eyes filled up with disappointment but he forced himself to perk up as he walked over to go before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Miss Jun, there is something I need to tell you." Elder Ying said seriously.

    "What's that matter?" Jun Wu Xie said.

    "A few days ago, the Flame Demons Palace engaged in talks with the Blood Fiend Palace. Because the fighting between the various palaces has been getting too intense, they intend to invite all the Palace Lords from all the Twelve Palaces to come together to sit down for a good discussion. It seems that they had lost quite a bit of their strength driving some of them to become unable to tolerate it any further and they would like to resolve the fighting once and for all. People from the Flame Demons Palace delivered this invitation to me early this morning and I wonder what Miss Jun intends to do about this?" After the Shadow Moon Palace was destroyed, it was not known by other people. Any interaction with the outside world was fronted by Elder Ying and as Elder Ying was already the Shadow Moon Palace's Elder, he did not draw any suspicion from people being the face of the Shadow Moon Palace.
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