Chapter 1884: “Hatching Up the Grand Plan (1)”

    Chapter 1884: "Hatching Up the Grand Plan (1)"

    The Lower Realm's army was led into the Shadow Moon Palace and the Shadow Moon Palace that had laid empty for quite a while regained back its bustle.

    In regards to settling them in, Jun Wu Xie dumped the entire task onto Elder Ying and faced with the men clad in light armour one after another, every single one of them stalwart and imposing, his forehead then broke out in a bout of cold sweat.

    Fortunately he had been an Elder of the Shadow Moon Palace and he had seen his fair share of big scenes like this. But without knowing why, the silent and highly orderly army before his eyes also gave him a feeling of intense bloodiness about them. Although they were expressionless and they did not do anything too intense, never showing any discontent with all of Elder Ying's arrangements, doing everything that they were told, but.....

    Elder Ying somehow could not help but feel that these men had seemingly been plucked out from blood. Though there wasn't the slightest smell of blood on them, but the blood filled air that seemed to emanate from deep in their bones was something he was unable to ignore.

    "We've caused you trouble." Long Qi thanked Elder Ying on behalf of everyone.

    Elder Ying gave a rather forced laugh. The man before him was merely just over twenty years old but his spirit powers had already reached the Purple Spirit's second stage, and that iron blooded stalwart air emanating from him was the strongest among the men.

    "There's no need for thanks. You are all Miss Jun's subordinate and Miss Jun helped me a great deal before. This is what I ought to do at least." Elder Ying said with a laugh. Although he was very curious about the origins of this army, out of a sense of propriety his did not ask anything about it.

    On the other side, Jun Qing, Qu Ling Yue, Lei Chen and the others followed Jun Wu Xie to come to her little courtyard. Crouched at the edge of the pond and swinging her two little feet at over the water's edge while memorizing a book, Yue Ye heard sounds and she turned around with a cheery smile, intending to greet her Master when the first thing she saw upon turning her head was a whole bunch of unfamiliar faces that appeared before her eyes.....

    "Mas..... Master....." Yue Ye froze.

    "Eh? Master? You've started to accept disciples as well." Jun Qing said as he looked at the frozen Yue Ye, thinking it all rather interesting.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

    Yue Ye was still in a daze.

    "This is my Uncle." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say.

    Yue Ye's mouth opened up wide, standing up from the edge of the water in a fluster, hurrying to standing primly by the side of the pond, her face flushed red and looking highly reserved.

    "Grand..... Granduncle Master....." Yue Ye stuttered.

    She had actually allowed herself to be seen by her Master's family in such a sloppy state!

    Granduncle Master? Jun Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry hearing that form of address. That little lass seemed to have addressed him wrongly didn't he?

    But seeing Yue Ye's deep red face, Jun Qing was considerate enough to not go pick on the little girl any further.

    And the other people standing together with Jun Wu Xie consciously went on to introduce themselves, their eyes inquisitive as their gazes fell upon Yue Ye. They were all very curious, wondering what kind of a person could make Jun Wu Xie accept them as a disciple.

    Yue Ye stood there feeling very self conscious as she was surrounded by people who were gazing at her like she was some rare majestic spirit beast.

    It was until Qu Ling Yue opened her mouth to introduce herself that Yue Ye's eyes flared wide, staring in incredulous disbelief at the cold and proud Iron Blood Empress.

    "Mas..... Master's..... wi..... wife....." The unfortunate little girl was so shocked her speech was stuttering.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie affirmed Qu Ling Yue's words in a calm and composed manner.

    Yue Ye's face was one of alarm.

    She had felt that Qu Ling Yue carried a unique air around her, though cold as well, but different from her Master's, but would never have thought.....

    Yue Ye's face grew even redder.

    "Master, all of you should carry on chatting. I'll make a move." With a red face, Yue Ye then obediently bowed to her "Elders".

    "Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Yue Ye then zoomed herself out from Jun Wu Xie's little courtyard in escape.

    Not knowing.....
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