Chapter 1885: “Hatching Up the Grand Plan (2)”

    Chapter 1885: "Hatching Up the Grand Plan (2)"

    The Shadow Moon Palace suddenly had a humongous bunch of big and burly men all clad in armour, their faces cold and stoic, all highly imposing looking. Yue Ye was greatly startled by the sudden change right before her eyes, the medical book held in her hand falling to the floor.

    "Young lady, your book." A gentle and handsome looking man picked up the book Yue Ye dropped, to hand it back to her.

    Yue Ye looked dazedly at the handsome looking man wearing a jade crown, his demeanor noble and steady.

    "My Lord, you should go see Her Majesty first." The pretty lady following behind the man reminded in a gentle voice.

    The man nodded his head slightly, and asked Yue Ye about the location of Jun Wu Xie's residence, before he went walking towards it, but the pretty lady did not follow him.

    Yue Ye was a little puzzled as she looked at the lady who remained there in her spot while watching the man leave and she asked in bewilderment: "Big Sister, aren't you going too?"

    The lady shook her head, her eyes tinged with a trace of humble self abasement.

    "I do not yet have the right."


    "Because I did something wrong."


    "Big Sister, what wrong did you commit?" Yue Ye was a little puzzled. Since she was allowed to come to the Shadow Moon Palace, she must have first gained her Master's approval. Her Master..... wouldn't have allowed people she had not forgiven in here would she?

    "It's nothing." The lady shook her head, and then turned to leave, and when she was walking away, she saw a figure acting similarly restrained.

    Under the shade of a tree, Yin Yan saw Bai Yun Xian who was suddenly slightly taken aback, and the two people smiled a little helplessly to each other.

    Compared to everyone else, the two of them were more like sinners, the kind of sins they had committed before, enough to have them die a hundred times. After they were subdued by Jun Wu Xie, they had initially resisted, till they were gradually converted as they reflected on all their past deeds, becoming highly ashamed of themselves.

    If Jun Wu Xie had not shown them mercy in the past, they might not even have had a chance to change themselves anew.

    The two of them still did not dare to show themselves before Jun Wu Xie, because they felt guilty and ashamed.

    Yue Ye looked at the men passing all around, her heart quaking in shock. But she soon discovered that all the seemingly stern and imposing looking soldiers would subconsciously step aside to allow her to pass, trying their best to put on a gentle and warm expression on their faces.


    The effect was not all that significant. Every of those men stalwart and hard like steel, their smiles weren't as pleasant looking as those from good looking handsome men.

    You can't really blame these soldiers from the Lower Realm for looking so ferocious. One must know that they all underwent the harshest and most intense kind of training over the recent past years and all of them were mainly surrounded by other tough guys like them most of the time, causing them all to have cultivated their faces to become statically one of stoic ferociousness.

    However, Jun Qing and Qu Ling Yue had given orders that they were not to harm any single person in the Shadow Moon Palace and all they could do was to try their best to squeeze out those not so pleasant looking smiles onto their faces, trying not to make Yue Ye feel nervous around them.

    But the results were dismal.....

    Yue Ye scooted away in escape from the bunch of soldiers as the brash and towering men scratched their heads in bafflement, thinking that they had definitely been highly affable and approachable.

    Yue Ye went to look for Yue Yi, but in the end, the situation wasn't that much better for him as well. A whole bunch of the Rui Lin Army's guys led by Mu Qian Fan were there to pick up their allocated room numbers at Yue Yi's place.

    When Yue Ye pushed the door open and saw the whole bunch of impossibly broad shouldered soldiers with waists the size of a bear's all clad in armour fully surrounding her elder brother, her eyes almost popped out from her head.

    "Little Ye..... You'll have to wait for a while. I'm rather preoccupied here." Yue Yi's face was wan and haggard as he stuck his head out from among the crowd. He was slowly dying inside from being under the "concerned" gazes of the entire bunch of fierce looking and imposing soldiers.

    "....." Yue Ye was absolutely stunned and in shock.

    [From where had this entire bunch of soldiers popped out from! ? Who can come tell me! ?]
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