Chapter 1886: “Hatching Up the Grand Plan (3)”

    Chapter 1886: "Hatching Up the Grand Plan (3)"

    Jun Wu Xie chatted with Jun Qing and the others for quite a long while as evening went deep into the night, but everyone did not feel tired, all of them in high spirits, listening intently to each other.

    It was only when dawn was breaking that Jun Wu Xie finished explaining everything to them and they all then went to their respective rooms to get some sleep.

    Only Qu Ling Yue remained behind in Jun Wu Xie's little courtyard.

    "In the past two years, it was all due to Young Master Jun's help as without him, the Lower Realm's army could not possibly be able to increase their powers so quickly." The sky was brightening slightly and Qu Ling Yue was seated bathed in candlelight, as she watched the waving flame on the candle.

    Jun Wu Xie was silent. She had vaguely known that Jun Wu Yao had provided a little guidance to the Rui Lin Army in the Lower Realm but after she came here into the Middle Realm, she had had no way of knowing more about it.

    Qu Ling Yue slowly told of everything that Jun Wu Yao had done. Although she had not come into contact with Jun Wu Yao much, but she could clearly discern the reason why Jun Wu Yao did all of that.

    "In two weeks, we will move according to the plan you have devised. When the time comes, everyone will wait for your orders. I should..... go rest already." Qu Ling Yue spoke for a while, and then stood up to walk out of Jun Wu Xie's door.

    She did not know why she was telling Jun Wu Xie all this, but she said all that just because she felt like it.

    Jun Wu Xie watched Qu Ling Yue's back as she left, and it was only until the door was shut that she lowered her eyes, with no one knowing what she was thinking.

    Up on the roof, Ye Sha and Ye Gu sat in a crouch upon the roof tiles, every single one of Qu Ling Yue's words in the room earlier having reached their ears.

    "Lady Qu is really a nice person." Ye Gu said, sharing his evaluation of Qu Ling Yue.

    Ye Sha glanced at him, suddenly rather speechless.

    He dared to swear, that the only reason Ye Gu felt that Qu Ling Yue was a nice person was merely because Qu Ling Yue had told the Young Miss about Lord Jue's deeds and achievements that had been carried out behind her back!

    In the ensuing period of time, with the army's fifty thousand soldiers having moved into the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Ying finally understood why Jun Wu Xie had been so confident. Because the army made up from those fifty thousand soldiers, were truly very much stronger than what the original Shadow Moon Palace had been.

    If Jun Wu Xie showed up at the congregation of the Twelve Palaces as the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord leading such a ferocious and imposing army, even just by thinking with his toes, Elder Ying already knew how greatly shocked the others in the Twelve Palaces would be.

    The Shadow Moon Palace was not the least bit significant among the Twelve Palaces and in regards to the Twelve Palaces' recent infighting and turmoil, the Shadow Moon Palace had not been involved at all. Hence, the fact that they had also been invited was merely just purely symbolic.

    At that moment, Elder Ying could not help himself but start to anticipate to see the kind of effect, the astoundment and shock when Jun Wu Xie shows up with this Lower Realm's army right before the eyes of the other Palace Lords.

    Elder Ying gradually grew accustomed to the presence of the soldiers and Yue Yi's youthful blood was also pumped up by them where he even began sparring with Long Qi in training.

    Only Yue Ye was left.....

    To always be just like a terrified and flurried bunny, taking flight with every encounter.

    The only fortunate thing for her was.....

    Yue Ye did not dislike Qu Ling Yue, to the extent that when Jun Wu Xie was busy discussing her plans with others, Yue Ye would go seek Qu Ling Yue for a chat.

    Qu Ling Yue liked to see the bubbly and lively Yue Ye as well, especially when.....

    Yue Ye was always following behind her and calling her "Master's Wife, Master's Wife", which just pleased Qu Ling Yue's heart to no end, which made Qu Ling Yue become highly fond of Yue Ye.

    Towards her own "Empress" and her little disciple's acts of blatant "collusion", Jun Wu Xie did not show any reaction, but it made Jun Qing feeling highly helpless on whether to laugh or cry, seeing his little niece's relationships so chaotic!
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