Chapter 1887: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (1)”

    Chapter 1887: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (1)"

    Time passed like sand flowing through one's fingers, silent in its passage.

    Five days passed in a blink and the date to the Twelve Palaces' Summit was getting nearer and it was time for Jun Wu Xie and the others to step out onto the road towards the summit's venue.

    The Twelve Palaces had after the Dark Emperor's fall, not had all the Palace Lords gathered together before. When their common enemy disappeared, the first thing they all thought of was to grow and expand their own might, and stand out from all the others, even to the extent of unifying the Twelve Palaces under them, to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Nine Temples.

    For close to a thousand years, open hostility and secret schemes against each other had become a common occurrence and although the Twelve Palaces were still allies on the surface, in reality they had become mutual enemies, each seeking to surpass each other a notch.

    Such a mentality, had made it impossible for them to sit down to talk with each other peacefully.

    And they were all meeting for a discussion this time, purely because the Twelve Palaces' struggle against each other had gone from fighting hidden in the dark to have become open confrontation. Ever since the time of the Pure Grace Palace Lord's birthday banquet where Zhuge Yin was killed, it had dragged the Dragon Slayers Palace, the Blood Fiend Palace and the Pure Grace Palace into an inseparable mess, with all three sides in incessant combat. The Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had already reached a stage where one party had to die or they would not rest, while the weaker Pure Grace Palace was sandwiched between the other two palaces, losing on both ends.

    The other palaces had initially been sitting back to watch the show but they had not expected that not too long into the show, another major incident broke out.

    They had originally just been waiting to reap some benefit when the Flame Demons Palace suddenly got into a fight with the Purple Thunder Palace, and the sly Soul Return Palace sank their teeth into the Flamboyant Palace, with the other palaces constantly fighting as well. For some unknown reason, endless conflict seemed to just erupt among them all within the past half year.

    In just half a year's time, the death toll in the palaces reached numbers never seen before in the past close to a thousand years, throwing even the various Palace Lords who delighted in slaughter to feel ill at ease. With the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace taking the lead, they decided to hold this summit, seeking to resolve the matter once and for all with all Palace Lords present. Afterall, if the slaughter continued on, it could lead to all of them suffering devastating consequences as even the Flame Demons Palace were finding it rather difficult to swallow.

    The Flame Demons Palace who had taken the lead in this, had already led their men to make their way towards the venue. The place was very near to Mount Fu Yao and Mount Fu Yao was the point dividing the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples, a centralised location, which made its existence rather intriguing, where everyone subconsciously feared the deterrent element of Mount Fu Yao, not daring to act rashly around Mount Fu Yao.

    The reason this location was chosen was to set the minds of the various palaces at ease as if it had been anywhere else, it was feared that many of the Palace Lords would not dare take a step inside.

    The Flame Demons Palace had already gotten everything for the summit prepared earlier and the second to arrive at that place was the people from the Blood Fiend Palace.

    With the Blood Fiend Palace being one of the triggers for the fighting among the Twelve Palaces, their situation recently had not been too good.

    With Gu Yi coming to the summit this time, he brought quite a number of powerful disciples, where even Gu Ying and Gu Xin Yan had followed as well.

    The Flame Demon Palace's people then led the Blood Fiend Palaces' disciples to the rooms they would be staying in.

    Gu Yi sat inside his room, his gaze cold as he stared at the silent Gu Ying standing in the room.

    Gu Ying's handsome face was filled with light and faint traces of wounds. Compared to normal skin, the colour was slightly lighter and it was not hard to see that those scars should have been left from a few months ago. Although the scab had faded away, but it still added flaws to that extraordinarily handsome face. There was even a scar that about a pinky finger's length but although it was thin, it was highly obvious to see. It could just be imagined how deep that wound must have been,
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