Chapter 1888: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (2)”

    Chapter 1888: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (2)"

    "You're really just useless trash. You've actually gone and stir up so much trouble and caused the Blood Fiend Palace to suffer such great losses. Is this all that you're capable of?" Gu Yi said as he looked at Gu Ying with contempt, the venom in his eyes not looking anything like what a benevolent father should have.

    Gu Ying stood silently in his spot, not saying a word.

    "Because of the trouble you have wrought, you had caused me to come owe the Flame Demons Palace a big favour for nothing, you should just be damned." Gu Yi became angry the more he thought about it. The Dragon Slayers Palace held a rather good level of might, inferior only to the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace and they had always sought to ally with the Blood Fiend Palace, with Gu Yi feeling that it was almost a given that they would. Never had he thought that such a big incident would break out in the Pure Grace Palace.

    Zhuge Yin's death had immediately caused the Dragon Slayers Palace to become almost deranged. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord only had Zhuge Yin as his only son and it could be said that Zhuge Yin's death had thrown him down into the bottomless pits of despair. It had been as good as severing the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's bloodline so how could the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord not fly into a rage?

    In half a year's time, the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had turned to become mortal enemies with irreconcilable differences. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had gone out of his way to go against the Blood Fiend Palace in every way at all cost and in the messy struggle, the Blood Fiend Palace had many of their numbers dead or injured. Left with no other choice, Gu Yi had sought out the Flame Demons Palace who was similarly entrenched in bitter fighting to discuss the situation which then brought about this summit.

    Everyone knew that the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had been competing for the top spot among the Twelve Palaces for so many years but when Gu Yi took the initiative to seek out the Flame Demons Palace Lord, he was seen to have dwarfed himself a notch in submission which just made Gu Yi clench his teeth in hatred, leading him to vent out the humiliating upon Gu Ying.

    "The Dragon Slayers Palace would never let things rest just like this and if you are unable to gain the forgiveness of the Dragon Slayers Palace, then you shall compensate them with your life for a life!" Gu Yi said in anger, his merciless tone and demeanor completely unlike what a father should use on a child.

    "Yes." Gu Ying said calmly, already highly used to Gu Yi's cruelty and heartlessness.

    "Get out! I get infuriated the moment I see you." Gu Yi said with his brows furrowed up.

    Gu Ying walked out obediently. When he opened the door, he coincidentally discovered Gu Xin Yan standing outside. When Gu Xin Yan saw Gu Ying, her eyes flashed with traces of concern while Gu Ying merely swept his glance over her briefly before walking away.

    "Little Yan you've come? Come in quick." The moment Gu Yi saw Gu Xin Yan, the grim callousness on his face immediately disappeared completely and the smile of a benevolent father came onto his face.

    "Father." Gu Xin Yan walked into the room, looking at the amicable Gu Yi.

    "You will have to be more careful during the summit. Elder Lin and the others will stay by your side and you must remember not to go out on your own. Every one of the other palaces will be here and they do not hold kind intentions. Especially for the Dragon Slayers Palace who seek vengeance in blood against us, they will not let the matter rest and you will have to be very careful with them." Gu Yi was filled with worry for Gu Xin Yan.

    For the summit, Gu Yi had initially not intended to bring Gu Xin Yan along as it was thought that there was no way of warming up ties with the Dragon Slayers Palace afterall and he was afraid that the Dragon Slayers Palace revenge for having killed their Young Lord would implicate Gu Xin Yan.

    It was only after Gu Xin Yan came to him to make a request that Gu Xi was left with no choice but to bring her.

    "I will be careful." Gu Xin Yan nodded her head obediently, before her face turned slightly hesitant and said: "Father, there was something fishy about Zhuge Yin's death. Big Brother was..... framed by someone. It really wasn't him."

    Hearing Gu Ying being mentioned, Gu Yi's brows creased up. "You have already said that many times. You do not need to tell me again."
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