Chapter 1890: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (4)”

    Chapter 1890: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (4)"

    In regards to that matter, Gu Yi had never told anyone about it.

    Betrayed by the person he loved, thinking that he had won the hand of the fair lady, never ever thought that he would turn to become such a joke.

    Calculating based on the time that Gu Ying had been born, it was deemed that before the young princess of the Nine Temples married Gu Yi, she was already pregnant. Gu Yi had already become the Blood Fiend Palace Lord at that time and the humiliation caused a drastic change to his personality, but with the Nine Temples behind their little princess, he was unable to avenge the humiliation but acknowledge Gu Ying as a son, and cover up the entire matter.

    "He is not of my blood but I have still brought him up for so many years and had people to guide him in his cultivation, I have already shown more than enough benevolence to his parents. With such big trouble he had gotten himself into this time, am I then expected to still protect him and put the entire Blood Fiend Palace into danger?" Gu Yi had spoken of all these because he did not want his own daughter to hold it against him.

    Towards Gu Ying, there was only hatred, but with Gu Xin Yan, he was a real father, one who doted on and loved his own child.

    Gu Xin Yan stood frozen in shock in her spot, unable to recover for a long time.

    She was suddenly recalling back to the times when she was very young, when she was forced to draw lines with Gu Ying, seeing Gu Ying being dragged away by the Elders while she cried in her father's arms.

    Maybe, at that moment, she should already have guessed it.

    They were both Gu Yi's children, but the difference in treatment she and Gu Ying received was like Heaven and Earth.

    Though the position of the Palace Lord among the Twelve Palaces was passed down through one's blood lineage, it prioritized sons and disregarded daughters. But over the years, Gu Yi had been acting like he had completely forgotten all about Gu Ying, devoting all his time to grooming Gu Xin Yan into the next successor of the Blood Fiend Palace.

    "Little Yin, you can just keep this matter to yourself. I know that you have a kind and soft heart, but Gu Ying is not your real brother, and you do not need to worry about him." Gu Yi said in reassurance to Gu Xin Yan.

    But Gu Xin Yan was stunned into speechlessness by the revelation of that truth.

    Engaged in long conversation with their knees together in the room, the father and daughter pair had not noticed that outside the tightly shut door, Gu Ying was quietly standing in the corridor, separated only by a wall where every word spoken inside fell into his ears.

    Upon that handsome face, was tinted faintly with a sneer.

    "That's really heartless....." Gu Ying whispered with a soft laugh to himself. Towards all this, he seemed to have known it all along.

    A black shadow silently appeared at Gu Ying's side.

    "Young Lord, quell your rage. You only need to bear with it for just a while more. If the Young Lord does not want to remain in the Blood Fiend Palace anymore, the Temple Lord has already given orders that the Young Lord can go back there anytime." The dark robed man said softly by Gu Ying's ear.

    However, Gu Ying shook his head, his eyes narrowed with smiles as he stared at the tightly shut door.

    "Should I be feeling rage? It is not a matter of a day or two that Gu Yi has treated me like this. In his eyes, I might even be less than a dog he keeps at his side. If not for the fact that I hold good enough talents and am able to help him with some things, he might have already have had me drowned in an icy lake."

    "Young Lord has suffered." The dark robed man quickly said.

    Gu Ying that said with a smile: "You help me tell my maternal Grandfather that I will not be going back yet. Rather strange rumblings are brewing in the Twelve Palaces recently and I am feeling that there is someone secretly manipulating strings behind it. During this Twelve Palaces' Summit, barring any accidents, there would surely be a good show to watch."

    "And what are the Young Lord's intentions?'

    Gu Ying said: "This place will turn into purgatory hell soon. Have the men watch things closely."

    "Then do we need to make a move at that time?"

    "No need. You just need to enjoy the show." Gu Ying then paused, his eyes darkening slightly as he stared at that shut door before him, his ears resonating with that impactful debate.
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