Chapter 1891: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (5)”

    Chapter 1891: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (5)"

    "There is just one thing. Ensure Gu Xin Yan's safety." Gu Ying said.


    Time passed as the days went by, and the various palaces gathered at the summit's venue. The number of people grew but what should have been a busy and bustling scene became unimaginably strange. The location for the congregation was in an empty city at the foot of a mountain, a place that had always been meant to be used as a place for discussions among the Twelve Palaces.

    The entire city had laid empty for close to a thousand years and it was only recently that teams from the various palaces stepped into this place.

    Within the entire city, the atmosphere was oppressive and tense, common to see swords being drawn and bow drawn everywhere.

    Just half a year ago, the various palaces had still been able to maintain a semblance of harmony on the surface but now, that harmony had been broken completely with the disciples from the various palaces who had been locked in bitter battle for the past half year harbouring deep grudges against each other. Now that they were forcibly gathered up together in the same place, the gazes they looked at each other with were filled with enmity.

    If not for the strict orders given by the Elders from the various palaces where defiance would mean death, it was feared that before the summit even began, these people would have already fought each other to their deaths.

    Within the city's streets and small alleys, groups gathered in teams could be seen, walking around dressed in the same uniforms. Real slaughter had not happened but many conflicts were rising constantly in private.

    Despite seeing that the atmosphere was getting so tense that it was becoming hard for everyone to breathe, there were instead several people who took advantage of the silence and cover of night to gather together in an inconspicuous little house, meeting together under the weak light from a single candle's flame, chattering to each other in conversation.

    "Hey hey! I'll say, weren't you too vicious with your strikes Brother Hua? You bashed me up so bad that I wasn't able to get out from bed for an entire month! Even though we needed to put up a show for people to see, you did not have to hit me that hard did you?" In the dimly lit little house, dressed in the Flame Demons Palace's uniform, Qiao Chu was complaining mournfully of Hua Yao's evil conduct.

    Hua Yao, who was seated right across Qiao Chu, was dressed in a dark purple uniform with a lightning emblem as his gaze passed fleetingly over Qiao Chu.

    "If I had been too gentle with you, the Flame Demons Palace would not have believed it." Hua Yao said indifferently.

    Qiao Chu's face was one of depression.

    From the beginning, he had gone to the Flame Demons Palace and Hua Yao had gone to the Purple Thunder Palace. The Purple Thunder Palace possessed rather considerable might and back before the Battle of Deities Grand Meet, the two of them had already gotten into a "fight" upon the summit of Mount Fu Yao, so when they were all sowing discord among the Twelve Palaces this time, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao had used their previous "grudge" to drag their two palaces into another round of conflict.

    To lock the Flames Palace Palace and the Purple Thunder Palace into unceasing turmoil as long as the other party still lived.

    "I think the two of you should give it a rest now. It should be great to have someone working in coordination with you on the other side." Rong Ruo said in helpless laughter, as she shook her head.

    Within the Flame Demons Palace and the Purple Thunder Palace, with Qiao Chu and Hua Yao working together, inciting a dispute was not all that hard for them but she was the only one in the Soul Return Palace and the target she picked was the Flamboyant Palace. There was no one in the Flamboyant Palace to collude with in the Flamboyant Palace to make it easy to create conflict.

    "Fei Yan had it the easiest. Everything that was needed to be done was already all done by Little Xie for him." Qiao Chu said, immediately turning towards Fei Yan seated on the side and was laughing as he bit on an apple.

    The bitter grudge between the Dragon Slayers Palace, the Blood Fiend Palace and the Pure Grace Palace was stirred up by Jun Wu Xie back when they were in the Pure Grace Palace and there wasn't anything important left for Fei Yan to complete.

    "That's where you are wrong. Zhuge Yin's old man would naturally want to avenge his son but the entire bunch of old things in the Dragon Slayers Palace were not all that keen to. It had taken a whole great deal of persuasion from me before they believed that the Blood Fiend Palace colluded with the Pure Grace Palace and they were intentionally creating trouble for the Dragon Slayers Palace before they agreed to pit themselves against the Blood Fiend Palace." Fei Yan hastily sought to redress the injustice.
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