Chapter 1892: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (6)”

    Chapter 1892: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (6)"

    "You guys should not complain so much. Fan Zhuo has not even said a word." Rong Ruo said as she shook her head in helpless laughter.

    Being named, his expression turned a little bit embarrassed.

    Qiao Chu then parroted: "Little Zhuo has been the best! He actually managed to stir up trouble among the Dark Heavens Palace, the Green Tide Palace and the Zen Void Palace! Tell us quick! How did you manage that?" Qiao Chu was getting excited. The others had all done rather well but Fan Zhuo's accomplishment had been truly outstanding.

    The Dark Heavens Palace held significant might, good enough to be on par with the Dragon Slayers Palace but they were usually more steady and kept a low profile, often playing the role of peacemaker among the Twelve Palaces. But this time, Fan Zhuo had thrown the Dark Heavens Palace right into the teeth of the storm, where not only had it throttled the Zen Void Palace half to death, it had even sunken its fangs into the Green Tide Palace! It could be said to be the most boisterous wave anyone of them had been able to stir up.

    Fan Zhuo was feeling a little embarrassed from all the praise Qiao Chu and the others were heaping onto him and he gave a embarrassed smile before telling all of them very briefly on the method he had used, which caused Qiao Chu to clap his hands loudly in praise .

    "All the preparations on our side are already almost complete, and it's all up to Little Xie to conclude the whole thing. Did anyone of you manage to see her in the past half year?" Qiao Chu asked. The turmoil among the Twelve Palaces had been churned to a boil and it was high time to deliver the last strike, and that last strike was to be initiated by Jun Wu Xie.

    "When we were leaving the Pure Grace Palace, I noticed that Little Xie left with people from the Shadow Moon Palace. Without any untoward incidents, she should have gone to the Shadow Moon Palace. Hadn't she sent news to us through the jade token? I believe she must have taken on the Shadow Moon Palace on her own." Fan Zhuo said with a laugh.

    The one whom all of them needed to worry about the least was Jun Wu Xie. Anyone of them might possibly fall to become disadvantaged, but she was the only exception where it was entirely not possible.

    "I am suddenly starting to pity the people from the Shadow Moon Palace." Qiao Chu said with a highly mournful face.

    At most, they had all incited conflict between the parties to make the various palaces raised their arms in battle. But with Jun Wu Xie striking at them herself, the effects could not be anything but astounding.

    Without needing to think about it, they all knew just how pitiful the Shadow Moon Palace's end could possibly be.

    "There was a particular piece of news that I don't know whether any of you had heard." Hua Yao then said.

    "What news?" Fei Yan asked inquisitively.

    "Just some time ago, the invitations for the Twelve Palaces' Summit had just been delivered into the hands of the various Palace Lords when rumours of an unexpected incident in the Shadow Moon Palace came in. Hasn't the Shadow Moon Palace Lord been constantly in ill health all these years? It was said that his condition worsened and he was no longer able to hold the position of Palace Lord, leading him to pass the seat of Palace Lord down to his younger sister. The Shadow Moon Palace now has a new Palace Lord." Hua Yao said, rather meaningfully.

    Upon hearing the news, the several youths immediately looked at each other and they all saw realization in each others' eyes.

    "If my memory serves me correctly, isn't the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's little sister already dead? For her to suddenly spring up like this, wouldn't it attract people's suspicion?" Qiao Chu was feeling a little worried.

    Fei Yan suddenly stretched his hand out to wave it before Qiao Chu's eyes.

    "This is then something you will not know about. Eight or nine out of ten rumours spread out from the Twelve Palaces are fake and even if the rumour is true, not many people will believe them. Hence, whether that person is alive or dead is impossible for the other palaces to ascertain. Such a sudden appearance would instead be much more like the secretive nature of the various palaces and nobody would suspect anything."

    "Is this what you call being too smart for one's own good?" Qiao Chu asked, his face creased up in astonishment. If it was him, he really wouldn't think too much about it.

    "That's one way of explaining it."

    "I wonder when the Shadow Moon Palace's contingent is arriving. I am really looking forward to seeing them." Rong Ruo said as she rubbed her chin, the rest of the gang showing rather sinister smiles on their faces.
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