Chapter 1893: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (7)”

    Chapter 1893: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (7)"

    As for what Rong Ruo and the others were anticipating for, only they themselves would know.

    The people from the various palaces have all basically already arrived and the Elders from the various palaces had left strict orders for the disciples to not act rashly.

    Seeing that there was one more day till the Summit, only the people from the Shadow Moon Palace had not yet appeared.

    As the initiator for the Summit, the Flame Demons Palace Lord was feeling a little displeased about it. In the past half a year, eleven palaces out of the Twelve Palaces had become embroiled in bitter battles which caused all of them substantial losses. Only the Shadow Moon Palace had not been involved, suffering the least losses among them all.

    The Shadow Moon Palace had trailed all of them at the bottom rung among the Twelve Palaces and they did not usually attract anyone's attention most of the time. For such an elite power like the Flame Demons Palace, the Shadow Moon Palace was not worth their attention at all.

    But now, things have subtly changed in the situation among the Twelve Palaces. Besides the Shadow Moon Palace, all the other Twelve Palaces had suffered highly substantial losses in the past half year with only the Shadow Moon Palace staying out from it all, retaining all their strength. If not for the fact that he knew the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had fallen gravely ill and a new Palace Lord had taken over, the Flame Demons Palace Lord would really come to suspect whether the Shadow Moon Palace Lord was up to no good.

    "Haven't the people from the Shadow Moon Palace arrived yet?" The expression on the Flame Demons Palace Lord's face wasn't looking too pretty. If it had been any other day, which one among the palaces would dare to take the Flame Demons Palace's invitation so halfheartedly?

    "Still not arrived." Qiao Chu said as he stood beside the Flame Demon Palace Lord, his pencil straight posture handsome.

    "The Shadow Moon Palace is really becoming too bold. They actually dare to slight me like this." The Flame Demons Palace Lord said with a cold laugh.

    A Flame Demons Palace's Elder standing there within the house saw the Flame Demons Palace Lord seemingly unhappy and he quickly said: "My Lord, the Shadow Moon Palace just changed their Palace Lord and it was heard that it's a little young lady not even yet eighteen. For her to command an entire palace right away, she should be rather flustered and it is expected for her to commit a few mistakes here and there."

    "Hmph! Does the Shadow Moon Palace not have anyone else that they have to push such a greenhorn onto the Palace Lord's seat?" The Flame Demons Palace snorted in disapproving disdain.

    The Elder then said: "Being young has its own advantages. Hasn't it been rumoured that this Palace Lord from the Shadow Moon Palace had died when she was very young? But she has now been pushed out to the front. This might be a hand the Shadow Moon Palace has kept hidden so my Lord should still be careful of them. If this is really a hidden scheme by the Shadow Moon Palace, then with the current circumstances, it would not be a good time to be at odds with the Shadow Moon Palace. Afterall, having waded through a good half year's fighting, the various palaces have suffered heavy losses and only the Shadow Moon Palace's strength is unaffected. And if she really turns out to be a green and inexperienced little young lady, wouldn't it be a good time for my Lord to win her over to over side instead?"

    The Flame Demons Palace nodded to himself inwardly as he listened, the rage within his heart subsiding a little.

    The Elder observed the Lord's expression and mood before he broke out into a smile, turning to look at Qiao Chu standing beside the Flame Demons Palace Lord.

    "Has my Lord accepted Qiao Chu as your godson? I am thinking that the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord is still very young and at an age where thoughts of love would just be budding. With Qiao Chu's looks, who knows how many young girls in our Flame Demons Palace already secretly admire him. We might just be able to put together a happy and joyous occasion from this summit."

    [God damned!]

    Qiao Chu's eyes bulged at the Elder's absolutely shocking words, wishing for nothing more than to be able to split that old thing that had lived too long with a single strike of his palm!

    [Putting him and the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord together as a couple?]

    [Would he still live to see next year! ?]

    Qiao Chu immediately greeted all eighteen generations of that chatterbox of an Elder's ancestors inside his heart.

    But the Flame Demons Palace Lord thought that it was a very good idea and the eyes he turned to look at Qiao Chu with was highly probing.

    Qiao Chu almost wanted to explode with rage on the spot.

    [Don't drag me in if both of you are so keen on dying!]

    [I will not be able to stand up to a certain great Lord's torment!]
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