Chapter 1894: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (8)”

    Chapter 1894: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (8)"

    Qiao Chu no longer dared to remain in the room any longer. The Flame Demons Palace Lord's eyes were making him feel that a crisis was upon him.

    He was still young and he did not want to die yet!

    Qiao Chu quickly found an excuse and slipped away in escape.

    But the Flame Demons Palace Lord's heart was set.

    "When the people from the Shadow Moon Palace gets here, have Qiao Chu go out to receive them." The Flame Demons Palace Lord said as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully, calculating his moves schemingly.

    He would naturally no even pay the Shadow Moon Palace any attention in the past, but with the Shadow Moon Palace's might still wholly maintained, they could be put to good use.

    "Qiao Chu is young and brimming with vitality. As my Lord treats him just like his son, it would be most suitable to have him go get close to the Shadow Moon Palace Lord." The Elder was still self absorbed in glee with his suggestion.

    "Mm." The Flame Demons Palace Lord agreed with a nod of his head.

    "Tomorrow's the summit. We'll first hold a feast for the various Palace Lords today."

    "Yes, my Lord." The Elder immediately acknowledged his orders.

    That very night, the Palace Lords from the various palaces received their invitations and they all brought their Elders together with their most talented disciples to attend the banquet.

    Twelve Palace Lords from the Twelve Palaces, eleven had arrived. A banquet that was supposed to be happy and boisterous instead felt sombre and a little strange.

    Gu Yi brought Elder Lin, Gu Xin Yan and Gu Ying to come to the banquet and the moment they stepped into the hall, they were met with a gaze that was filled with hatred.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord glared at Gu Yi with his jaws tightly clenched, hating the fact he could not just pounce onto Gu Yi to tear him into shreds.

    "My Lord, please bear with it." Fei Yan had been brought to come by the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord as well and seeing that the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was about to lose his cool, he quickly stepped up to calm him down.

    Jun Wu Xie still had not arrived. If they were to get into a fight now, it would be a lot less rowdy.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord took a deep breath and sat himself down, his tightly suppressed rage causing his hands to clench up into fists, the green veins on his neck protruding clearly.

    "Gu Yi that shameless scoundrel! Knowing that the Palace Lords will all be here today, he still had to bring that Gu Ying who killed my son! Isn't he just flaunting it in my face! ?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was absolutely seething with rage.

    Fei Yan said in a low voice: "My Lord, do not be enraged. We've already come so far and the Blood Fiend Palace will be made to answer for it. The Young Lord's death must not be in vain and the summit tomorrow will make the Blood Fiend Palace give my Lord a satisfactory answer. If they don't, it still wouldn't be too late for my Lord to strike."

    "Hmph! The scoundrelous Gu Yi wouldn't shield that bastard. I will have him die by a thousand cuts..... No..... That would be too easy for him. I will have him taste the most cruel torture under the Heavens, where he will be unable to plead to live nor beg to die." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord said, his eyes bursting with venom and a twisted chilling glint as he stared fixedly at Gu Ying with eyes like those of a venomous viper.

    Fei Yan listened quietly, knowing that nothing big would happen tonight, and he could not really be bothered to say anything more.

    Regarding the matter between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace, he would not be needed to waste any more of his breath after today. It had already reached a point of no return and he just needs to sit back to slowly enjoy the show.

    Taking advantage of the interval, Fei Yan swept his eyes over the various palaces. As he had expected, his several other companions had all been brought in as well.

    Merely in their teens and they all possessed powers at the Purple Spirit's third stage. Casting one's gaze throughout the entire Middle Realm, one would not be able to find more than a rare few.

    They would all naturally be heavily groomed by the various palaces.

    The atmosphere within the banquet hall was tense. The various palaces all had at least another side opposing them. They had all once battled till blood splattered and flesh flew, and they all expected to sit down within the same banquet hall now. Everyone was just holding themselves back, suppressing their hearts as they shot cold gazes at each other, turning the entire banquet to be filled with the endless flash and glint of cold steel.
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