Chapter 1895: “The Twelve Palaces’ Summit (9)”

    Chapter 1895: "The Twelve Palaces' Summit (9)"

    His eyes saw that the entire banquet was cold like an ice house and the Flame Demons Palace Lord's face turned even uglier when he noticed the Purple Thunder Palace Lord's eyes shooting a disdainful gaze straight at him.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's brows were tightly creased up and when the Elder beside him detected the abnormality, he quickly voiced out to divert everyone's attention.

    "All the various palaces have arrived here but we still have not seen any sign of the Shadow Moon Palace. I wonder does anyone here know when the people from the Shadow Moon Palace would come?"

    The Flame Demons Palace's Elders words had attracted the attention of quite a number of people.

    They had all not seen eye to eye with each other over the recent period and none of them had noticed that the Shadow Moon Palace's people were not here.

    "Didn't the Shadow Moon Palace already receive the invitation? It's been such a long period of time and it is not enough for them to come here? If I remember it correctly, the distance from here should be the closest for the Shadow Moon Palace." A Blood Fiend Palace's Elder quipped helpfully.

    "The Shadow Moon Palace? They had been rather laid back over the recent period and the days might have been so leisurely for them that they had forgotten all about us." An Elder they did not know from which palace sneered with a cold laugh.

    Eleven palaces out of the Twelve Palaces had sustained great losses and all of the palaces  had had to grit their teeth to hold themselves out. The reason that they had come today was because most of them were thinking of using gentler methods to resolve everything, and to not continue to battle each other anymore.

    Now that the Shadow Moon Palace had suddenly been mentioned, the fact that the Shadow Moon Palace had not suffered any losses suddenly caused the other palaces to feel rather imbalanced. And added to that, with them not having yet arrived here today, it gave rise to quite a bit of displeasure from the various palaces as well.

    "Heh, the Shadow Moon Palace just had a change of their Palace Lord and it is said that it's a little young lady. It is normal that she doesn't know of such proprieties and decorum." The Flame Demons Palace's Elder saw that their rage had been diverted and he immediately stepped forward, seemingly attempting to pacify the situation but was in fact just fanning the flames.

    "Little young lady? Since she is of such a young age, all the more she has got to understand decorum! Does she then expect the entire group of us to be waiting for her?"

    "The Shadow Moon Palace must have looked at us like we're some kind of joke throughout the recent period. Who knows what they are thinking in their hearts?"

    "That's right, they could even be thinking to take this opportunity to bolster their might."

    Having found a common target to attack, the mouths of everyone were completely merciless, filled with hidden daggers and knives, harsh and condescending with their words.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord watched in satisfaction in the change of atmosphere throughout the banquet and he secretly nodded his head at the Elder.

    In reality for them to come attend the summit this time, many of the palaces were seeking to end this fighting as soon as possible, and stop the losses from continuing to drain them. But as the conflicts that existed between each other were all still lodged hard in their throats, the had all pounced upon the opportunity to vent out their frustrations upon the same target, who still had not arrived here, the Shadow Moon Palace.

    When all the palaces had sustained losses to their strength, the only palace that had remained whole and intact had naturally caused all of them to feel disgruntled, wishing they would be able to drag the Shadow Moon Palace into the muck as well, for them to feel more balanced.

    Just as everyone was attacking the Shadow Moon Palace during the banquet, a disciple from the Flame Demons Palace suddenly came walking in, till he knelt in the middle of the banquet hall.

    "Reporting to my Lord, the people from the Shadow Moon Palace ahve arrived."

    "Oh?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord queried with his brows furrowed up, as a sneer flashed within his eyes.

    They have arrived just at the right time, when the various palaces were raising their opinion against the Shadow Moon Palace, they had suddenly arrived, to face the rage rising in everyone hearts.

    "Qiao Chu, go receive the people from the Shadow Moon Palace. Make suitable arrangements for their disciples and then invite their Palace Lord to come here." The Flame Demons Palace Lord ordered.

    Qiao Chu was cursing the Flame Demons Palace Lord's mother in his heart as he knew what the Flame Demons Palace Lord's intentions really were. Although he was also thinking to go have a chat with Jun Wu Xie privately, but he did not harbour such impure intentions at all!

    "Yes, my Lord." No matter how contemptuous he was feeling inside his heart, Qiao Chu still forced himself to appear composed, as he walked out from the banquet hall.
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