Chapter 1896: “Stunning Entrance (1)”

    Chapter 1896: "Stunning Entrance (1)"

    Qiao Chu went rushing to the city's gates and following him was two other disciples of the Flame Demons Palace. The two disciples had grown up in the Flame Demons Palace from young and possessed rather good gifts but could not be compared to Qiao Chu. Towards the fact that the Flame Demons Palace Lord accepting Qiao Chu as his godson, they were feeling rather jealous in their hearts but they did not dare to show it.

    "Qiao Chu, did the Shadow Moon Palace Lord mean anything to have you come receive the Shadow Moon Palace Lord?" A disciple asked probingly.

    "I heard that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord is a young little lady, but I just don't know what she looks like." The other disciple chirped in together.

    "It shouldn't be too bad I think. They are siblings afterall and the previous Shadow Moon Palace Lord's had been rather good looking."

    "Qiao Chu, with your outstanding looks, people might fall right straight for you, you know?" The two disciples said, sour with envy. The kind of talent Qiao Chu was blessed with was something they could never hope to have and even in the department of looks, they had been severely hit as well. In the Flame Demons Palace, the moment Qiao Chu came, he had attracted the attention of quite a number of young ladies and the senior and junior girls had fawned upon Qiao Chu quite a bit.

    Qiao Chu's face was dark and he could not be bothered to even look at the two dumb fools.

    [Rather good looking?]

    [Country bumpkins like you two haven't seen what's really good looking!]

    [When he stands before Big Brother Wu Yao, he was as insignificant as weeds! To think that these two country bumpkins still think that he's good looking.]

    Walking towards the city's gates, he could faintly make out several figures. Looking from afar, the tiny figure of a little girl had her back facing her, seemingly saying something to several people in front of her.

    "It couldn't be right? The Shadow Moon Palace only brought only such a small number of people?" When the two disciples saw the scant few figures at the city gates, their faces became incredulous.

    For the Twelve Palaces' Summit, which palace did not bring at least a thousand people? But from what their eyes were seeing, taking everyone into account at the city gates, there were only about ten people..... Could the Shadow Moon Palace's delegation be any more wretched looking?

    "What is actually happening with the Shadow Moon Palace? Could it be that the newly ascended Palace Lord is an idiot? Bringing just those few people here, they look just downright pathetic!"

    The two disciples grumbled to themselves as they walked, but Qiao Chu's eyes were faintly glowing with a heated fervour.

    Among that group of people, he had seen several familiar faces!

    Even when the three of them came walking up to the gates, the young lady at the lead of the Shadow Moon Palace still did not turn her head back.

    The other two disciples clicked their tongues discreetly, as they followed Qiao Chu to greet the guests.

    "Could these distinguished individuals here be our friends from the Shadow Moon Palace? We are disciples of the Flame Demon Palace and we came here under the Palace Lord's orders to welcome our esteemed guests into the city." Qiao Chu said, suppressing the excitement in his heart to speak with feigned calm.

    The attitude of the other two disciples were much more perfunctory. Their gazes unconsciously swept over the group of people from the Shadow Moon Palace and they saw that besides the person who had her back to them where her countenance could not be seen, there were another two females among the ten people.

    One of them was very young, looking to be about twelve years of age and a pretty little thing while the other caused the hearts of the two disciples to flutter and palpitate.

    The cold and proud lady stood among the group, the air of nobility highly moving. Her facial features though not entirely flawless, but she could still be considered to be beautiful and enchanting. It was mainly that cold and chilly elegance that caused the two disciples to be unable to take their eyes off her, subconsciously assuming her to be the new Palace Lord of the Shadow Moon Palace.

    They had not thought that the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord could really look so enchanting.

    "The Palace Lord has laid out a banquet and had been waiting for a long time. Can I invite the Shadow Moon Palace Lord to please come with us." One of the disciples said directly to the cold and proud young lady standing within the crowd.
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