Chapter 1897: “Stunning Entrance (2)”

    Chapter 1897: "Stunning Entrance (2)"

    "Oh? The banquet has started?" A cold and clear voice suddenly sounded out from the side, as the young lady who had her back facing the three people from the Flame Demons Palace slowly turned herself around.

    It was just an instant, that the two other disciples standing beside Qiao Chu were turned into stone!

    It was clearly already night, but in that instant they saw the young lady countenance, the two of them seemed to the sun's rays brightening up the lands in their hearts, the faint candlelight that cast upon the lady, so beautiful it was as if they were laying their eyes upon divinity!

    Under the Heavens, such a beautiful countenance actually existed.....

    The jaws of the two disciples hung wide open, frozen in their spots in shock, their faces looking as if they had been struck by lightning, completely bedazzled and not moving an inch, their irises not shifting away in the slightest.

    Qiao Chu looked contemptuously at the two country bumpkins who had never seen such beauty before. As the two of them were still standing there in a daze, Qiao Chu then turned himself around to wink at Jun Wu Xie who had dazzled people blind.

    Even Qiao Chu would not have expected that Jun Wu Xie would show up with her real countenance and he could not remember how long it had been since he last saw Jun Wu Xie's real countenance. Although he had become used to such devilish good looks, seeing it so suddenly right before him still took a toll on his poor little heart.

    Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze fleetingly over Qiao Chu.

    Qiao Chu then cleared his throat and did not bother himself with the other two country bumpkins as he forced himself to put on a composed front to say: "The banquet has just started and I wonder if the Shadow Moon Palace Lord has any other guests with her? Will the Shadow Moon Palace Lord first bring your Elders and several disciples to the banquet and you can hand over the rest of your other disciples to me for now, to allow me to arrange accommodations for them."

    Those words were put across grandly, but what Qiao Chu really intended to say was.....

    [Ho ho! Little Xie, tell me quick! How many of your iron blood ferocious lions did you bring?]

    However, Jun Wu Xie just indifferently replied: "There's no more."

    "Har?" Qiao Chu was slightly taken aback.

    "It's just the few of us here." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently.

    Qiao Chu was suddenly stunned.

    [He knew that Jun Wu Xie was incredibly bold, but this.....]

    [This time, isn't she being a little too gutsy! ?]

    [In the city there were large contingents from all the rest of the Twelve Palaces you know! ? Each palace with at least a thousand people! Like the Flame Demons Palace had already brought three thousand people, with just a casual count, the numbers of people in the city would easily number several tens of thousands! Wasn't Jun Wu Xie intending to resolve the whole matter with everyone gathered here this time? Why.....]

    [And she brought just these few people?]

    Qiao Chu was immediately stupefied.

    [These tens of thousands of men were not just ordinary soldiers. They are the most elite fighters from the various palaces!]

    [Just the number of Purple Spirits among them was already astounding, and if they were to fight them.....]

    Qiao Chu just did not dare to imagine.

    "Is..... Is that right...... You're sure?" Qiao Chu's voice was a little weak.

    "I'm certain." Jun Wu Xie said deceptively.

    A corner of Qiao Chu's mouth twitched and the two country bumpkins finally managed to regain their senses, but their eyes only saw the figure of Jun Wu Xie alone, their ears only able to hear Jun Wu Xie's voice. As for what Jun Wu Xie had said, nothing really registered in their minds.

    They finally came to understand what the words, "bring down cities and ruin countries" really meant!

    Qiao Chu could not do anything but to steel himself as he led Jun Wu Xie and the others towards the banquet, muttering to himself in his heart. Alas, with the two other deadweights beside him, he had no chance to ask Jun Wu Xie anything.

    The other two disciples trailed slightly behind at both sides of Jun Wu Xie, their faces completely besotted, drool almost dripping out from their mouths.

    Till they came to the doors outside the banquet, Qiao Chu then bolstered himself up to stand upright, forcing a stoic and solemn look upon his face before he said: "Allow me to go announce your Grace's arrival."
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