Chapter 1898: “Stunning Entrance (3)”

    Chapter 1898: "Stunning Entrance (3)"

    Qiao Chu then went into the banquet hall dragging two rather dazed disciples behind him.

    The atmosphere within the banquet had warmed up somewhat and the moment Qiao Chu went inside, he immediately heard people from the various palaces throwing dirty water upon the Shadow Moon Palace Lord in order to divert the fiery anger against each other and a sneer quickly rose up within his heart.

    [I'll see how much longer all of you can continue to be so self absorbed in glee.]

    "Qiao Chu, did you manage to receive the guests?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord immediately asked when he saw Qiao Chu came in.

    "Reporting to my Lord, I have brought the guests in."

    "Oh? Then why are all of you back here? Didn't I tell you to leave two people behind to make arrangements accomodations for the Shadow Moon Palace's disciples?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord queried with his brows slightly furrowed up.

    Qiao Chu replied: "My Lord, the Shadow Moon Palace only brought ten people here and I really do not know whether to first arrange accommodations for them and so I have brought them all here instead."

    Qiao Chu's voice had just dropped when the throughout the entire banquet, many voices raised in debate.

    "What? Only ten people?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord was taken aback. Never had he thought that after waiting for so long, he would be met with such a result.

    For this Summit of the Twelve Palaces, which palace among all of them had not picked the most elite of their disciples to come attend it? Moreover, in the past half year, the various palaces had all suffered significant losses and only the Shadow Moon Palace had kept themselves aloof, having not been involved in the turmoil. Hence, based on that reasoning, with the Shadow Moon Palace's strength preserved and kept well intact, everyone had thought that the reason the Shadow Moon Palace had been so late in arriving was because they knew that all the other palaces had much of their might decimated and they were putting together a highly elite force to shock everyone well and proper.

    In the end.....

    The entire banquet erupted with voice raised up in discussion. No one could have thought that the Shadow Moon Palace would come attend the Twelve Palace's Summit in such a manner.

    "What does the Shadow Moon Palace mean by this? No matter what, they shouldn't just show up with just a mere ten people."

    "Compared to all of us, the Shadow Moon Palace might have kept their numbers intact, but the number of skilled fighters in the Shadow Moon Palace had never been all that many." Everyone was feeling rather curious what kind of arrangements the Shadow Moon Palace had made, and none of them had any idea what the Shadow Moon Palace was planning.

    "Forget it. I think that as the Shadow Moon Palace Lord has just assumed the position of Palace Lord and not only is she very young, she is just a little girl. Having been kept within her palace chambers all along and suddenly made to take over the reins of the Shadow Moon Palace, how could she possibly be able to handle everything well and proper? I think everyone should extend a little bit of leeway to the little girl." The Flame Demons Palace Lord suddenly spoke up to persuade everyone, seemingly in defence of the Shadow Moon Palace, but was actually reminding everyone of the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord's naivety and incompetence.

    Every time the Twelve Palaces congregated, besides their individual palace's reputation, the other thing they competed with each other in was the might of the contingents they brought with them.

    Only with heavy military might in hand, would they be able to speak with resonance, and hence, all the palaces had brought with them their most elite this time. No matter how heavy their losses had been, they must not lose in this show of might before the other palaces.

    Except for the Shadow Moon Palace, who chose not to taken the well trodden path.

    Without even having seen the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord, the various palaces had all formed a approximate impression of her.

    She must be one ignorant little lass, not to be taken seriously.

    "Alright, Qiao Chu. Invite our friends from the Shadow Moon Palace in." Seeing that the effects that he sought had been achieved, the Flame Demons Palace Lord said with a laugh.

    Qiao Chu looked at all the different looks of contempt upon the faces of everyone in the banquet and a cold sneer filled in his heart as he turned to walk towards the outside of the grand hall.

    "Looks like the previous Shadow Moon Palace Lord is truly gravely ill, otherwise why would he hand the Shadow Moon Palace to such an ignorant little sister?" The Purple Thunder Palace Lord said with a faint smile on his lips.

    "That's right! I am very curious how the new Shadow Moon Palace Lord really looks like! As this will be the first she'll be seeing such a large congregation, she had better not cry from fright." An Elder from the Zen Void Palace quipped, laughing as well.
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