Chapter 1899: “Stunning Entrance (4)”

    Chapter 1899: "Stunning Entrance (4)"

    The hall was filled with guffaws of laughter. Everyone was waiting to see that new and ignorant little Shadow Moon Palace Lord come in looking shook with stagefright.

    Under all that malicious laughter, the doors into the hall were pushed open once again.

    A petite figure led the way to come walking into the grand hall.

    In an instant, all sound within the great hall came to a sudden halt. The eyes of everyone from the various palaces were all fixated upon the young lady walking into the great hall at that moment.

    Shock and sheer astoundment rose within every single person's eyes. Even the Flame Demons Palace Lord who sat waiting to watch the show had at the moment he saw the person, froze in place, the wine in his mouth almost spilling out from the corner of his mouth.

    To have become the Palace Lord of the respective palaces, the people they've heard of and met were more outstanding and extraordinary than most people. They've always boasted of having seen a countless number of beauties and were already highly immune and indifferent to them. But no one could have ever expected that this would be the day that their calm and indifference would be shattered into so many pieces.

    The petite little lady walked elegantly into the great hall, within the sights of everyone there, with steps light and unhurried, without a single sound, but every step felt as if she was treading upon everyone's hearts. Upon that countenance that was able to bring cities and countries to their knees, seemed to have winter's ice that wouldn't melt formed upon it, cold and distant, but those eyes were so exquisite it drew people to them, despite knowing it was just harsh and chilling winter's ice, but made people unable to help themselves to want to look at them, regardless of the fact that they would be pricked by the razor sharp icicles.

    A silence fell upon the entire hall like the shroud of death, whatever they had been thinking in their minds earlier all gone fuzzy and forgotten. Everything else around them seemed to have disappeared, their eyes only seeing just one lone figure of peerless beauty.

    "My humble self is the newly succeeded Palace Lord of the Shadow Moon Palace. Greetings to everyone." Jun Wu Xie stood in the middle of the great hall, her clear voice tinged with a slight chill ringing out from her. She stood neither servile nor overbearing as she stood before everyone's eyes, her chin slightly lifted up, tinged with a faint hint of pride and self confidence, without showing the slightest sign of timidity and fluster that everyone were maliciously guessing that she would show.

    However, she stood there most naturally, like she had long gotten so used to be in such a position.

    That cold crisp voice summoned back everyone's senses as everyone suddenly remembered to gasp a long cold breath. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would never in their lives have thought that a young lady could be so beautiful under these Heavens.

    Everyone's eyes then turned subconsciously onto the one who had been hailed as the number one beauty among the Twelve Palaces, Gu Xin Yan.

    Gu Xin Yan's beauty was stunning and alluring, having made many young disciples fall head over heels with her and gained that acknowledgement from the various Palace Lords. But now, when they looked upon Gu Xin Yan once again, they felt that the beauty they remembered seemed to have faded quite a bit.

    The number one beauty of the Twelve Palaces when placed before Jun Wu Xie, was like a withered flower, pale and lacking in vibrancy, seemingly lacking even the qualifications to compete for the crown.

    At that moment, everyone suddenly found that their throats were rather parched.

    "So this lady here is the newly ascended Shadow Moon Palace Lord. A heroine among the young indeed. Having toiled on the journey here, please enjoy the banquet." The Flame Demons Palace Lord had after much effort finally found his voice. He was already advanced in age and though he looked only to be just a middle aged man, he was already over a hundred years old.

    Even for a man who had such an abundance of experience, was still helplessly so highly taken aback by Jun Wu Xie's looks. And when he gained back his senses, what surprised him further was Jun Wu Xie's indifferent composure.

    Facing the unwavering gazes of eleven Palaces Lords and those of their Elders, this young little lady who looked so very young was not showing the slightest timidity, but was calm and composed from beginning till the end, completely unlike a embroidered pillow who had grown up being kept confined within palatial chambers and knew nothing of the outside world.
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