Chapter 1900: “Stunning Entrance (5)”

    Chapter 1900: "Stunning Entrance (5)"

    "Thank you." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently, going on ahead towards an empty seat.

    The various Palace Lords and their Elders had calmed down somewhat but the young disciples could not help themselves but to pay attention to Jun Wu Xie's every single action, their eyes almost popping out from their heads.

    It was until Jun Wu Xie sat down that everyone noticed that there were several others behind Jun Wu Xie, where there were two other females with rather outstanding looks but their brilliance had been overshadowed and blocked out while they stood beside Jun Wu Xie, where they did not look so stunning.

    As the strange silence within the banquet slowly let up, soft and muted whispers gradually sounded throughout the hall.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord secretly watched the people from the Shadow Moon Palace, having initially thought that the scarce number of people that came from the Shadow Moon Palace had been because of the new Palace Lord's ignorance. But after seeing Jun Wu Xie in person, he no longer thought of her as a naive and ignorant young lady.

    That grace and elegance exuding from inside her, could not be something that could be feigned.

    And after the Flame Demons Palace Lord swept his gaze over the several people behind Jun Wu Xie, the bewilderment in his heart grew more intense.

    Among the nine people following behind Jun Wu Xie, he had seen two of them before. One was the Shadow Moon Palace's Elder Ying, and the other was the Shadow Moon Palace's Elder Yue's adopted grandson, Yue Yi. There was also a little girl that looked very much alike to Yue Yi, and if his guess was not wrong, that should be Yue Yi's younger sister, Yue Ye.

    Elder Ying was originally a member of the Zhan Family Clan. The Zhan Family Clan had a long history in the Middle Realm and they had accumulated a good number of great treasures. But take away his background as a member of the Zhan Family Clan and Elder Ying would not be considered to possess all that great talents. Although Yue Yi's gift was not that bad, but compared to Qiao Chu, he would be rather weak and would not be considered to be among the elite, and there was no need to mention Yue Ye.

    There was one point that the Flame Demons Palace Lord felt was very weird. Why had the most powerful one within the Shadow Moon Palace, Elder Yue, not come with them?

    Besides these few people he knew of, the rest were all people the Flame Demons Palace Lord had never once seen before at all.

    And the most outstanding one among them, would be the lady with a rather similar elegant air to that of Jun Wu Xie's. Her powers were not all that bad as well, but was still inferior to Yue Yi.

    None of the rest was seen to possess outstanding powers, where there was even a man and a youth whom he did not even detect a single sliver of spirit power from, which just made it all the more difficult for him to understand.

    Based on the feeling that Jun Wu Xie was giving the Flame Demons Palace Lord, she didn't look like someone without brains. But with her bringing such a group of people with average powers to come attend the Twelve Palaces' Summit, what could she really be thinking?

    Could it be that the previous Palace Lord was intentionally making things difficult for her?

    Everyone knew that the previous Palace Lord had by reason of his ill health, had had no choice but to abdicate his throne. But no ruler could possibly be willing to completely give up all their authority, not even when it was to his own younger sister. The Flame Demons Palace Lord was gauging the situation using himself as a yardstick, and he suspected that the reason Jun Wu Xie had brought just this scraggly lot of people here with most of them unfamiliar faces, was because the previous Palace Lord had withheld a large part of the authority from her.

    "So she's just a puppet." The Flame Demons Palace Lord muttered to himself as he rubbed his chin, a sneer rising up in his heart, and could not help himself but to belittle Jun Wu Xie a few notches.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's thoughts, coincided with all the other Palace Lords without them saying anything to each other. After the initial mesmerization, they all quickly calmed themselves down to analyse just how much weight the newly ascended Shadow Moon Palace Lord really carried.

    "Since we're all gathered here, why don't we have a toast. It has been a long time since our Twelve Palaces had gathered together like this today. I hereby propose this toast, to the glory of our Twelve Palaces." The Flame Demons Palace Lord immediately stood up, to raise his cup to say.
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