Chapter 1901: “The Appetizer Dish (1)”

    Chapter 1901: "The Appetizer Dish (1)"

    Everyone gave him face and they stood up to drink from their cups.

    Jun Wu Xie naturally complied with everyone.

    Till they sat back down in their seats, the acts everyone was putting up came to a new level of fervour.

    Everyone's firepower had originally been trained upon the Shadow Moon Palace. But when they came to know that the Shadow Moon Palace had only brought a total of ten people, and that the new and old Palace Lord might not be getting along, their previously unbalanced hearts then came to be much more appeased. Added to that, with Jun Wu Xie's looks being so stunning, everyone naturally did not have the heart to attack her from all sides anymore.

    Having lost the target for them to focus their rage upon, and with several cups of fine wine in their tummies and stimulated by the alcohol, the atmosphere in the banquet began to become rather tense.

    The several powers among the palaces who had been holding themselves back in restraint became irritated and upset once again, the words imbued with each other thick with the smell of gunpowder.

    Fei Yan was seated beside right beside the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord as he sipped at his wine, savouring the hand that Jun Wu Xie had played.

    The reason Jun Wu Xie had only brought these few people here had been to give people a wrong impression, to make them think that it wasn't all that peaceful inside the Shadow Moon Palace like it was on the surface and they were at an disadvantage in numbers as well, to not make the various Palace Lords feel threatened, which would very naturally weaken the Shadow Moon Palace's presence and standing. They would then gradually come to forget the threat of the Shadow Moon Palace and start to attack their respective enemies.

    Fei Yan was rather certain that Jun Wu Xie should have already guessed the kind of situation in the banquet earlier for her to come up with such a ploy.

    As Fei Yan was thinking things through in his mind, he watched the red eyed Dragon Slayers Palace Lord opposite him. His gaze had from the moment Gu Ying came into the hall, never left Gu Ying's body, his redshot eyes and tightly clenched fists, showing the kind of rage he felt towards Gu Ying.

    The corners of Fei Yan's mouth curled up in a sneer.

    They were indeed father and son. But it was not known, when the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord gave the orders to annihilate his clan, whether he had even once thought about kinship.

    One cup of cold wine went down his throat, but it burned and stung his throat, as the scene from many years ago rose up in Fei Yan's mind, when a fiery blaze engulfed his home. His mother hugged his father's dead body in her arms to sob, the eyes of the people from his tribe filled with utter disbelief when they were attacked by the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples.

    The entire tribe, had pledged allegiance to the Dragon Slayers Palace for generations and had fought countless bloody battles for the Dragon Slayers Palace. Just how many of his tribesmen had died for the glory of the Dragon Slayers Palace so how could they have thought that the Dragon Slayers Palace they had all swore loyalty to would actually want to annihilate their whole tribe!

    That night, was like the most horrifying nightmare, reverberating in deep in Fei Yan's heart. He did not want to think about it but he would always return back to that frightful night.

    His mother's cries, his tribe people's cries, and the questions his uncles had asked just before they died.

    [Dragon Slayers Palace! Why are you doing this to us?]

    Even at the moment of death, they had still been unable to believe it.

    A ball of fire burned within his heart, causing Fei Yan's face to be slightly flushed. He looked around in the banquet hall, at his companions hidden within the various palaces, and he saw the same hatred within their eyes.

    Fei Yan downed another cup of wine, and at the moment he put down his cup, he stood up all of a sudden.

    "Fei Yan of the Dragon Slayers Palace! Today isn't supposed to be a good time to talk about other affairs but there are some words that I have no choice but to ask this one question on behalf of my Palace Lord." Fei Yan's face was red as his bright eyes swept over everyone present and at the moment that his gaze fell upon Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie nodded her head at him without anyone noticing.

    "Palace Lord of the Blood Fiend Palace! In regards to the matter about your son Gu Ying killing our Dragon Slayers Palace's Young Lord, when would it be the day that you would give us an answer for that! ?" Fei Yan's bright eyes suddenly turned to look at Gu Yi seated within the banquet hall! !
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