Chapter 1902: “The Appetizer Dish (2)”

    Chapter 1902: "The Appetizer Dish (2)"

    The expression on Gu Yi's face stiffened as he stared at Fei Yan who had stood forward, his brows showing intense displeasure.

    Fei Yan completely ignored his reaction but continued to stare aggressively at him, seeking for a reply.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had not thought that Fei Yan would speak up at that time but the words that Fei Yan said were the very same words that he wanted to say. The hatred that he had tried so hard to suppress having been brought out into the open by Fei Yan like that made it impossible for him to hold himself down any longer.

    "In regards to that, it will naturally be cleared at the summit tomorrow. Today's banquet is to wash away everyone's weariness from the trials on the road and the topic of discussion is unsuited for this occasion." Gu Yi replied with his face darkened.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord spoke up at that moment.

    "Unsuited? In the eyes of the Blood Fiend Palace, it could very well be an unsuitable topic of discussion your entire life! My son has already been dead for more than half a year! I shall state my stand here. A life for a life! If you cannot agree to that, the Dragon Slayers Palace isn't afraid of the Blood Fiend Palace and if you want to fight us, we'll be glad to take you on till the end! Today, you have to give me an answer to it!"

    Zhuge Yin's death had been brutal, and when the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had seen his own son's corpse, he had very nearly fainted, the hatred boiling within him impossible to eradicate.

    Gu Yi's brows creased up together, his eyes looking towards the Flame Demons Palace Lord, but the Flame Demons Palace Lord merely smiled at him.

    On the surface of things, the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace were still competing for the reigning position and they had jointly come to hold this Twelve Palace's Summit only because they had had no other choice. But compared to the Flame Demons Palace's trouble, the enmity between the Blood Fiend Palace and the Dragon Slayers Palace was true blood vengeance that was impossible to mediate.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord would naturally not want to go provoke the Dragon Slayers Palace who had gone completely mad because of Gu Yi whom he had competed and struggled against for so many years.

    Gu Yi silently cursed at the Flame Demons Palace Lord upside down in his heart, but he still had to face the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord.

    "I can understand where you're coming from."

    "You understand? Then can't you just decide quickly? Don't tell me that you would really risk your whole Blood Fiend Palace because of Gu Ying, that little bastard of yours?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was no holding back in the slightest with his words, his face twisted up with a sneer.

    Once the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's words came out, the colour on Gu Yi's face immediately turned a green shade.

    The entire banquet hall sounded with a collective gasp.

    [Gu Ying is a bastard?]

    [What does that really mean?]

    Jun Wu Xie listened to everything silently. When she heard about that, her eyebrow lifted slightly and her gaze discreetly turned to look at Gu Ying who was seated behind Gu Yi.

    The first time she came to know of the relationship between Gu Ying and Gu Xin Yan, she had felt it to be a little strange.

    Although the two of them were siblings, their looks were not the least bit similar in anyway.

    "Hey, I'll say Gu Yi, I really pity you. You pursued that little young princess of the Spirit Void Temple so madly at that time. How much effort had you put in then? You had even abandoned the fiancee you grew up with from young and at the end of all that, you got yourself a tainted woman as your bride. Haha! Having brought up someone else's child for so many years, and you still have to shield him to such an extent now. Sigh, even I have come to think that you're really pitiful." Right in front of everyone there, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had suddenly pulled off the covering that Gu Yi hid his embarrassment behind.

    Revealing to everyone, the truth of Gu Ying's birth!

    The lid blew off over the banquet. Nobody could have thought that the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord would so suddenly expose such an explosive secret right at that moment.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had always been investigating into the various palaces and they knew the most things hidden within all the palaces. As those words had come out from his mouth, the veracity was the expose was very high.

    Gu Yi's face turned such a deep green that it almost looked black. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had humiliated him so badly before everyone. As a man, he had spared no effort in his pursuit of a tainted woman as his bride and she had even given birth to someone else's son, that was just the greatest humiliation he had suffered!
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