Chapter 1903: “The Appetizer Dish (3)”

    Chapter 1903: "The Appetizer Dish (3)"

    But at that moment, Gu Yi could not allow himself to blow.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's words might still be suspect to others, but if he were to retort in retaliation which would reveal the humiliation in his heart, then the revelation would be validated!

    "Dragon Slayers Palace Lord, I know that you hate Gu Ying thoroughly because of the death of your son. Since you are asking for an answer today, then I shall give you one." Gu Yi said, enduring the rage brimming over in his heart, as he put on a feigned calm on his face.

    A bad feeling rose within the heart of Gu Xin Yan who was sitting beside Gu Yi and she subconsciously tugged at Gu Yi's sleeve, as she looked pleadingly at her own father.

    However, Gu Yi ignored his daughter's plea.

    "Ha, I would like to see what kind of an answer you would be giving me." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord said sneeringly.

    Gu Yi looked at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord, and then suddenly closed his eyes before he called out behind him.

    "Gu Ying."

    Hearing Gu Yi's voice, a sneering arc lifted briefly upon a corner of Gu Ying's mouth as he stood up unhesitantly, putting himself in the sights of everyone without any refrain.

    "Do you admit to crime of the wrongdoing you commited back at the Pure Grace Palace?" Gu Yi's voice was so cold it made people shiver.

    "I admit to it." Gu Ying replied cleanly without a moment's hesitation.

    Gu Xin Yan's eyes widened as she stared at her father before turning to stare at Gu Ying, her eyes filled with worry.

    "A debt owed is to be paid with money and murder paid for with your life. As a son of Gu Yi's, you must take responsibility for your actions. Go!" Gu Yi said cruelly.

    "Father! !" Gu Xin Yan cried out in shock.

    "You shut up!" Gu Yi said, glaring at Gu Xin Yan.

    With a smile at the corners of his lips, Gu Ying looked at Gu Xin Yan who was trying her best to plead on his behalf, a glint of a smile in his eyes.

    [That kind hearted little sister of his.....]

    Gu Yi raised his head and went striding with wide steps to the middle of the great hall, facing directly at the bloodshot and red eyed Dragon Slayers Palace Lord.

    "Dragon Slayers Palace Lord. This is my answer to you. From now onwards, Gu Ying shall be handed over to you, to be killed or slaughtered according to your will. The Twelve Palaces have joined together till now, to struggle so bitterly against the Nine Temples for so long. If all of us are not able to stand aligned with each other, wouldn't we just be seen as a joke to the Nine Temples?" Gu Yi had put it across so righteously and impartially, not showing the slightest bit of reluctance to hand Gu Ying over.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord stared at Gu Ying through narrowed eyes, the murder in his gaze so intense it was suffocating to look at.

    "What you say is right. I hereby accept your answer to me. Men! Take this murderer of our Young Lord away!"

    "You can't!" Gu Xin Yan suddenly came out from her seat at the table, completely ignoring Gu Yi who tried to stop her, as she rushed to stand before Gu Ying, right in between the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord and Gu Ying.

    "Uncle Zhuge, Zhuge Yin really wasn't killed by my elder brother. He was framed for it and I can attest to it!" Gu Xin Yan said as her small and thin body stood blocking Gu Ying. Gu Ying was slightly taken aback, as his mirthful eyes flashed with a tinge of surprise.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord laughed and then said with a sneer. "You think I will believe your words?"

    Gu Xin Yan anxiously replied: "I will go investigate into the matter. Give me a month's time. I will definitely find out who it is that murdered Zhuge Yin!"

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was getting impatient and he turned to look at Gu Yi.

    Gu Yi immediately opened his mouth to say: "Men, go bring the Young Miss back to her room to get some rest. She's drunk."

    "Father! He is my elder brother!" Gu Xin Yan said as she stared incredulously at Gu Yi. Several of the Blood Fiend Palace's Elders had already gone forward, to pull her away, but Gu Xin Yan was unwilling to leave.

    "Go on back." Gu Ying suddenly opened his mouth to say, as he reached his hand out to pry open Gu Xin Yan's little hand away from his sleeve, a little bit at a time.
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