Chapter 1904: “Incoming Storm Expected (1)”

    Chapter 1904: "Incoming Storm Expected (1)"

    Gu Xin Yan was dragged away by the Elders as she continued to fight for a way out for Gu Ying one final time. However, in the entire banquet hall, there wasn't a single person who wanted to save Gu Ying's life.

    Everyone there knew that Gu Ying had murdered Zhuge Yin and it was not possible that the Dragon Slayers Palace would let him off. Even Gu Yi had abandoned Gu Ying so who else would dare to poke their nose into this matter.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples went forward to truss up Gu Ying. Gu Ying stood stock still in his spot, allowing those people to bind him securely. From beginning to end, he had a faint smile hanging at the corners of his mouth, seemingly highly amused as he looked at the messy chaos before him.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord signalled to his disciples with his eyes in satisfaction and Gu Ying was immediately taken away.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord then stood up to say: "I seem to be a little overwhelmed by the effects of wine so I shall be making a move first."

    Upon saying that, he did not care what kind of things other people had to say about it and just went walking out from the banquet hall straightaway.

    "Heh heh, Gu Yi is so hardhearted. Regardless whether Gu Ying is his son, Gu Ying has done quite a bit for the Blood Fiend Palace all these years but Gu Yi has still handed the person over just like that. That's really heartless." The Purple Thunder Palace Lord said, in a rather good mood from having watched a good show.

    The Zen Void Palace Lord at the side then said with a soft laugh: "Isn't that so true. That one from the Dragon Slayers Palace had been in such a hurry to go back and it must be because he couldn't wait to avenge his son. I don't know if Gu Ying would still be able to live to see tomorrow's light."

    "He will not die so easily. Didn't you hear that one from the Dragon Slayers Palace say it earlier? He will surely take "good care" of him. I am guessing for at least the next three to five years, Gu Ying will not have breathed his last yet."

    Everyone was debating it vehemently in private, as it was not a matter that involved their own Palaces, most of them were just anxious to see the excitement.

    No one paid any attention to Fan Zhuo who had been sitting in a corner with his head lowered, never noticing the hands in his sleeves had been clenched tightly into fists.

    Vengeance for the murder of one's son was irreconcilable.

    Then what about the cold murder of one's father?

    Fan Zhuo would never be able to forget how his adoptive father Fan Qi had died.

    He who had chosen to even sacrifice his own son in order to protect him, but had ended up brutally slaughtered by Gu Ying.

    If he could, he would have wanted to avenge Fan Qi with his very own two hands!

    The grudge between the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had at last come to an end today. After everyone had had enough to drink, they went back to their rooms to rest as the Twelve Palaces' Summit tomorrow would be the time that they would all resolve the problems between the various palaces.

    Today had been one good show after another and the palaces who were in conflict discreetly provoked and competed with each other, with many of them roaring drunk with drink, falling asleep the moment they stepped into their rooms.

    However, several dark figures silently slipped into the place the Shadow Moon Palace stayed in under the tranquil quiet of night.

    Jun Wu Xie was seated in her room as she stroked the little black cat plopped upon the table. Ye Sha and Ye Gu carried Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit respectively as they stood behind her, with Elder Ying standing by the door, his eyes thoughtful while he looked at the sibling pair, Yue Yi and Yue Ye talking to each other in hushed whispers.

    Qu Ling Yue was sitting right beside Jun Wu Xie, and she raised up a hand to pour out two cups of tea for Jun Wu Xie and Jun Qing. Without even waiting for Jun Wu Xie to raise her head, the burly and towering Yan Bu Gui snatched up a cup, and down it in one gulp. Long Qi who stood behind Jun Qing swung his eyes to glance at him but did not say anything, already used to the uninhibited ways of that man.

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her head up, to look towards the tightly shut door.

    The next second, the door was pushed open, and several tall figures suddenly came into the room, their steps treading upon the moonlight spilling in through the open door.

    "Having come out to train so intensively for so long already and there's not a single steady one among all of you." Yan Bu Gui said with a sweeping glance over the figures who had just appeared, the words from his mouth in playful admonishment, but the tone of his voice was filled with much more joy than reprimand.
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