Chapter 1905: “Incoming Storm Expected (2)”

    Chapter 1905: "Incoming Storm Expected (2)"

    "Your disciples pays their respects to our Master!"

    Fan Zhuo stood silently to one side and rubbed at his nose, as he looked at the burly and towering man seated at the table with a great bushy beard.

    [That must be Qiao Chu's and the others' Master.....]

    [He looks to be such an easy going person.....]

    Yan Bu Gui guffawed loudly and said: "Alright. All you little rascals can just get up, there's no need for all this nonsensical pomp. It doesn't agree with me. Get your sorry behinds up this instant." Although that was what his mouth said, but it could be seen from Yan Bu Gui's eyes that had turned into two smiling crescents that he was in high spirits.

    The faces of Qiao Chu and the others also had smiles on their faces. The four of them had met with grave misfortune at a very young age and they had managed to live only because they had been lucky enough to be saved by Yan Bu Gui. Hence, they enjoyed a deep and close relationship with Yan Bu Gui as a Master that was almost like a father to them.

    Seeing the heartwarming reunion between the Master and his disciples, everyone else in the room could not help but to smile.

    Fan Zhuo walked over to come before Jun Wu Xie and nodded at her.

    "Thank you."

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "I know that you were picking on Gu Ying to help me with my vengeance, and I am really thankful." Fan Zhuo was highly grateful towards Jun Wu Xie as Fan Qi's death had always been a thorn lodged within his heart and Gu Ying's appearance had driven this thorn to lodge deeper into his bones. It wasn't that he did not want to seek revenge, but he had had to consider the bigger picture and could not act rashly.

    And for Jun Wu Xie who was seeking to incite conflict among the palaces, there were many ways to do it. Back in the Pure Grace Palace, she had spent so much effort to go set Gu Ying up because she was helping to seek revenge on Fan Zhuo's behalf.

    The thing that Fan Zhuo was unable to do with his own hands, she had helped him complete it.

    "There is no need to speak of such things between us." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently. Since they were companions, they were naturally tied to each other in life and death, and their vengeance would also be hers.

    "Ha! Why are you being so polite with Little Xie for? That one's mind is not what normal people can hope to compete with and such things must naturally be fully made use of." Qiao Chu came over with a mighty pounce, his arm hooking around Fan Zhuo's neck with a beaming smile upon his face.

    Being roughed up like this, the solemness in Fan Zhuo's heart was lightened by quite a bit.

    "Quickly tell us what do you have planned for tomorrow! I really just can't wait for tomorrow to come." Qiao Chu said excitedly as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. He had a feeling that Jun Wu Xie was definitely going to play a grand hand tomorrow.

    "Make a guess." Jun Wu Xie said as she slowly took the cup of clear tea that Qu Ling Yue handed to her and took a sip from it.

    "Ay, don't keep us in suspense anymore. Tell me quick, how many men did you really bring? Don't tell me that it's just the few of you here. I wouldn't believe it even if you beat me to death. With Uncle Jun and Big Brother Long Qi are here, so you must have brought the Rui Lin Army here. You even brought in your wife, so don't tell me you don't have an army here." Qiao Chu was initially still a little worried, but when he saw that Jun Qing, Long Qi and Qu Ling Yue had come, his mind was then set at ease. What these few guys held in their hands, was the entire military might of the whole Lower Realm!

    "Make a guess." Jun Wu Xie still continued to equivocate uncommitedly.

    Qiao Chu gave a loud wail, unable to bear it any longer as he then turned to Jun Qing.

    Jun Qing was slightly taken aback by that mournful stare.

    "Uncle Jun, won't you tell me pwease." Qiao Chu said, looking exceptionally angelic as he gazed pleadingly at Jun Qing.

    Jun Qing almost wanted to laugh out loud at that look.

    "You'll all find out tomorrow. There is no need to worry about it." Jun Qing said with a laugh.

    Qiao Chu still had not found the answer he wanted.

    They were all happily chatting with each other but Elder Ying was silently almost overwhelmed with terror watching them. He had paid attention to these few youths earlier in the banquet hall earlier and who had just come into the house now. They were all the latest new elite disciples the various palaces were heavily grooming and even if one beat Elder Ying to death, he would never have thought that these youths and Jun Wu Xie knew each other all along and they were actually on such close terms!
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