Chapter 1906: “Incoming Storm Expected (3)”

    Chapter 1906: "Incoming Storm Expected (3)"

    Elder Ying stared at the situation in the room and he was already certain that tomorrow's Summit of the Twelve Palaces would have surely have something big happen!

    If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have imagined that such a young little lass like Jun Wu Xie could actually possess such a wide network of relationships and all those youths had already infiltrated themselves deep into the various palaces.

    Elder Ying suddenly remembered that the turmoil within the Twelve Palaces seem to have only started from the time that this batch of youths from the last Battle of Deities had left the Cloudy Brooks Academy, starting from the time back at the Pure Grace Palace, the situation within the Twelve Palaces had turned highly tense.

    Counting based on the timeline of events, and putting them together with all the fighting between the different palaces, Elder Ying quickly discovered that the conflicts that had risen had seemed to occur at the very same places that these youths were at, and the timing of the events also coincided perfectly with the time they entered the various palaces!

    A terrifying guess then rose within Elder Ying's mind as he stared incredulously at the youths who were all brimming with vitality within the room, his eyes then finally falling upon the petite figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    Could it be..... From the very beginning, these guys had arranged all these? !

    The moment that idea appeared, Elder Ying could not help but to shiver as a chill shot through him, to stare at the completely calm and composed Jun Wu Xie sitting at the table, feeling like his heart was under a great deal of pressure.

    He no longer dared to think any further!

    Unable to get an answer from Jun Qing, Qiao Chu turned his eyes onto Qu Ling Yue, but.....

    Qu Ling Yue was not even looking at him at all, but was only fully focused upon Jun Wu Xie's teacup, silently filling it up whenever she saw it empty.

    Qiao Chu completely gave up.

    "You guys win! I..... I'll not ask anymore then." Qiao Chu said, sitting morosely at the side.

    The room filled with laughter once again.

    The moment of jokes and happy laughter made the atmosphere more lively.

    Yue Ye stood at Yue Yi's side, quietly staring at all these people swirling around Jun Wu Xie, biting on her nails nervously.

    "Big Brother, Master actually has so many companions?" Yue Yi raised her head up to ask, suddenly unable to get used to it. Back in the Shadow Moon Palace, her Master only had her by her Master's side and her silent Master had seemed to be completely isolated from the rest of the world.

    "That seems to be the case." Yue Yi was not certain either. Jun Wu Xie had an extremely cold personality and he had not thought that with Jun Wu Xie's temperament, so many companions would so suddenly appear around her, and from the conversation between them, they seem to be rather close.

    Which just made people envious.

    Jun Wu Xie was watching her companions teasing each other when her gaze suddenly fell upon the siblings Yue Yi and Yue Ye standing at the corner. She raised her hand and beckoned at Yue Ye.

    Yue Ye went walking over a little nervously.

    All of Master's companions looked so outstanding that she was suddenly feeling rather inferior. As someone who had been so wretched before, does she really have the right to take Jun Wu Xie as her Master?

    Yue Ye might seem to be a highly mischievous imp, but in her heart, she hid a strong inferiority complex and that was also the reason she still had not acknowledged Elder Ying. For a young child, her mind was when it was most fragile and her inferiority complex made her not dare to touch anything that was beautiful.

    She felt that she was not worthy.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up, and holding Yue Ye tiny hand, she walked over to stand before Yan Bu Gui.

    "Master, this is my disciple." Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say.

    Yue Ye was taken aback, her tiny shoulders could not help but start to shake. She had thought that Jun Wu Xie would introduce her to Jun Wu Xie's Master in such a manner as she had always felt that there was too large a gap between her and Jun Wu Xie.

    Yan Bu Gui looked at the violently trembling Yue Ye and he said with a laugh: "I have a grandkid disciple already? That's great. There's no need to be afraid little fella, I just look scary, I will not hurt you."
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