Chapter 1907: “Incoming Storm Expected (4)”

    Chapter 1907: "Incoming Storm Expected (4)"

    Yue Ye shrank her head back into her shoulders, looking rather bashful.

    Qiao Chu immediately jumped right out.

    "Little Ye, you do not have to be afraid. Although our Master looks ugly, he has a very tender heart. Oe as she turned to look at her elder brother, a little dazed. Yue Ye nodded his head slightly at her, his eyes filled with a comforted smile.

    "I had no given anything back in the Shadow Moon Palace and since you're Wu Xie's disciple, it will only be natural I have to show some kind of indication." Jun Qing who had been smiling the entire time without a word suddenly opened his mouth to say, where Yue Ye then blinked her eyes blankly to come walking over to Jun Qing with her arms overflowing with gifts.

    Jun Qing's countenance had just that one tiny bit of similarity to Jun Wu Xie's, looking handsome and gentle that did not make people nervous. He smiled charmingly, which quietly soothed the nerves in Yue Ye's heart.

    Jun Qing took out a jade pendant, and placed it in Yue Ye's hand.

    "This was originally prepared for your Master, but looking at her, I think she would have no use for it. It is now just right for you instead." Jun Qing said with a smile.

    Yue Ye stared, bedazzled by that smile.

    The countenance of the Jun Family's members were all unparalleled or Jun Wu Xie would not possess looks that could bring ruin to cities and countries, and Jun Qing was naturally the same.

    Till everyone who was supposed to give her a gift had finished, nothing else could fit into Yue Ye arms anymore and she had no choice but to have Yue Yi help her carry a portion of her load.

    The night grew deep and everyone went back into their rooms to rest. They knew that a big battle awaited them the next morning and they needed to preserve their energy and keep their spirit.

    After everyone went back and fell into peaceful sleep, there were two people who would not be able to find peaceful rest.

    In the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's room, the air was filled with the thick stench of blood. He sat upon a chair, a flask of strong fiery wine clasped in his hand. His bloodshot eyes were narrowed to a slit as he stared at the garishly bloodied figure tied upon the rack.

    Gu Ying had been stripped of his shirt and tied to the rack, his taut chest filled with brand new wounds, hot red blood flowing out continuously from those wounds.

    In just a few short hours, he already looked a completely different person from when he was taken away from the banquet. There was no sign of his lavish clothes, replaced only by wicked looking wounds covered under bright red blood.
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