Chapter 1908: “Incoming Storm Expected (5)”

    Chapter 1908: "Incoming Storm Expected (5)"

    "Stop!" The Dragons Slayers Palace Lord raised his hand up slightly and the disciple carrying out the torture then put down the instrument of torment to stand aside .

    Gu Ying's handsome face was covered with wounds and there almost wasn't a single piece of flesh that was still whole on him. It was hard to imagine that within such a short period of time, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was able to torment him to such an extent but even so, Gu Ying's face still had that taunting smile of ridicule hanging upon his face.

    "You can still laugh?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord asked, eyeing coldly Gu Ying's smile that was filled with ridicule, a smile that the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord found highly offensive to his eyes.

    "You are only capable of this little bit? That's not enough. If you can't come up with any other kinds of torture, I am going to fall asleep." The corners of Gu Ying's lips curled up, as he raised his chin slightly to say in arrogance, not showing the slightest bit of wretchedness of one held in captivity.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord clenched his jaws as he looked at Gu Ying, and then turned around to pick up the wine flask upon the table, before he poured the fiery spirits all over Gu Ying's wounds.

    Excruciating burning pain spread through his body in an instant and Gu Ying's face turned slightly pale, but he continued to smile.

    "We don't have the complete set of equipment here. You just wait patiently. When we get back to the Dragon Slayers Palace, I will let you have a taste of every single kind of torture there is under these Heavens and I guarantee that you will not fall asleep from them." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord used the thin and long spout of the flask and pushed it into a wound on Gu Ying's belly. The flask's spout pierced through skin, burrowing into flesh. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord turned the flask wilfully, and a good amount of blood flowed out from the wound.

    "Then I shall be looking forward to that." Gu Ying said through gritted teeth, enduring through the pain as he said with a smile.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord laughed sneeringly.

    "What a completely shameless bastard. I saw quite a number of wounds upon your body, your days in the Blood Fiend Palace hasn't been all that good has it? That has to be it. How could that scoundrel Gu Yi possibly allow a bastard like you have a good life. How much have you done for the Blood Fiend Palace? And hadn't he still treated you like he would a dog to hand you over to me? You're just so pitiful."

    Gu Ying narrowed his eyes.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord then snorted with derision and said: "Your days ahead will not be good for you. I will not kill you so quickly but have you live forever in pain. You can just look forward to dwell in suffering under my hands!"

    Upon saying that, he turned his head to say to the two disciples carrying out the torture: "You two had better "serve" our Big Young Master well and not let him get bored."

    "Yes, my Lord!"

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord then left the room after saying that, no longer remaining in there.

    The sounds of torture rang out within the room once again and Gu Ying tilted his head to stare at the ceiling, allowing all the cruel torture to be implemented upon his body, his face not showing the slightest bit of expression.

    Two whole hours passed and it was already deep into the night.

    The hands of the two disciples executing the torture had gone numb as they stood panting heavily at the side. They had been in charge of carrying out torture back in the Dragon Slayers Palace and they had caused the deaths of many disciples who did not adhere to the rules, very much used to seeing people pleading and begging in pain. But it was the first time they were seeing someone like Gu Ying whom did not succumb to anything they threw at him. They were already dead tired but Gu Ying had not uttered a single sound, as if he did not feel the slightest tinge of pain.

    "You're not going to continue?" Gu Ying asked as he looked at the two disciples, his mirth filled eyes sending a chill to run through the bodies of the two disciples.

    Before those two people could open their mouths, a black shadow suddenly rushed in through the window. The two disciples had not even been able to see what the other party looked like when their throats were slit and they fell into a pool of their own blood.

    "Young Lord! You've suffered too much." The black robed man immediately undid restrains binding Gu Ying, and fell to his knees to say.
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