Chapter 1909: “Explosive Face Slap (1)”

    Chapter 1909: "Explosive Face Slap (1)"

    Having lost his restraints, Gu Ying limbered up his limbs and stood upon the blood splattered floor, not even glancing at the two corpses lying upon the ground.

    "What could this little bit of torture count as? It's merely like scratching an itch." He curled up his lips and said with a sneer.

    Having tasted every single kind of torture the Blood Fiend Palace had, how could he possibly even react to a little slap on the wrist such as this?

    "Young Lord, what should we do after this? Gu Yi has abandoned you, so do you want to return to the Spirit Void Temple?" The black robed man asked.

    Gu Ying shook his head.

    "Why would I want to go back now for? I am still waiting to watch the great show tomorrow and you just have to remember what I told you."

    "Yes, your subordinate remembers. Your subordinate will definitely ensure Gu Xin Yan's safety." The black robed man replied.

    Gu Ying nodded his head in satisfaction and with his bare feet, while stepping over his own blood on the ground, he picked up his outer robe that had been thrown upon the floor. He casually draped it over himself and treading upon the moonlight, he walked out from the place grandly.

    Night passed into day.

    The Twelve Palaces' Summit officially begins. The various Palace Lords started on their way towards the summit's venue early in the morning. Today's summit was only open to the Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces where even the palaces' Elders were not permitted to attend in accompaniment.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord had come to the venue bright and early and he was already seated upon his seat as the Palace Lords came in one after another. The atmosphere today was a little solemn and the expressions on the faces of the various Palace Lords was quite a bit sterner than it had been yesterday.

    When Jun Wu Xie came to the venue, the Palace Lords from the various palaces had all arrived. She silently found herself a seat on one end to sit down.

    Seeing that everyone had arrived, the Flame Demons Palace Lord immediately got up and said: "The Twelve Palaces were originally one body. The reason we had all been able to resist against the Nine Temples till today was because we had always been united. But in the recent period, some bad things had happened among us and in just half a year's time, we had had several instances of conflicts and fighting constantly happening between ourselves, the killing each other's disciples incessant, and I think that the various palaces had lost quite a bit of their people. The reason everyone has been invited here today is to have everyone sit down and discuss things through peacefully. We have supported each other till this day and we should not bleed each other out over small matters like this. In the long run, we will only let the Nine Temples watch us in entertainment, our losses will only become their gain. I believe all of you here understand that."

    "I feel that the Flame Demons Palace's words sound reasonable and our Dragon Slayers Palace has decided to make peace with the Blood Fiend Palace. I hereby make my stand clear." Having already gotten what he wanted, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord stood up, and nodded his head towards the grim faced Gu Yi.

    Gu Yi similarly stood up and acknowledged with a nod of his head, but in his heart he was cursing at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord hundreds and thousands of times.

    Of course he would be willing to call a truce! Gu Ying had already been handed over and the contradiction between them already resolved, hence there was no longer any reason for them to continue exhausting themselves further upon the matter.

    When the other Palace Lords saw that the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace had sounded their agreement, they began debating in earnest.

    Afterall, all of them did not want to continue fighting and although there was still enmity in their hearts, if they continued on like this, they would not be able to withstand the incessant drain on their numbers. The Flame Demons Palace had now taken the lead to provide the various palaces with a way out of this quandary, they would naturally be most willing to follow their lead to get themselves out of the situation.

    "What the Flame Demons Palace Lord said is highly reasonable. The Twelve Palaces were originally one body and we should not be fighting each other." The Purple Thunder Palace Lord similarly voiced out his agreement. Having struggled against the Flame Demons Palace for more than half a year, the depletion upon their numbers was becoming hard to swallow.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord then smiled slightly and said: "That's right. No matter what kind of conflicts the various palaces have between ourselves, for the sake of peace among all our Twelve Palaces, I hope everyone can turn hostility into friendship, and forget all the transgressions done upon you in the past, to make peace once again."
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