Chapter 1910: “Explosive Face Slap (2)”

    Chapter 1910: "Explosive Face Slap (2)"

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's words elicited a wave of debate.

    Just at that moment, a sorry looking figure dressed in the Flame Demons Palace's uniform came rushing into the venue in a fluster.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's face immediately darkened.

    "What is the matter? Why are you in such a fluster?"

    "My Lord! We've found the Dark Emperor's tomb!" The disciple said, his face full of anxiety.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord was slightly shook and the venue that was originally peaceful boiled up in an instant as everyone turned their gazes to fix upon the Flame Demons Palace Lord.

    Ever since the Dark Emperor's fall, all the palaces had never given up in their search for the Dark Emperor's tomb. In order to avoid reprisal from the Dark Regions, they could only carry it out in secret. But even having spared no effort, they had not managed to find any clues. The three words Dark Emperor's tomb to them, was soon to become something absolutely impossible to find.

    But nobody would have thought that the people from the Flame Demons Palace would really find the Dark Emperor's tomb!

    "What nonsense are you blabbering?" The Flame Demons Palace was initially filled with delight but when he noticed the gazes of all the other Palace Lords turned onto him, he immediately felt that things were not going right.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was to anyone there, the greatest form of temptation. What the Flame Demons Palace sought, the other palaces wanted just as much, and if the others knew that the Flame Demons Palace had found the Dark Emperor's tomb, then things would surely take a bad turn!

    "My Lord! Everyone's dead! To find the Dark Emperor's tomb, everyone has died..... That place is empty..... The Dark Emperor's tomb is completely empty..... There is nothing inside there at all..... We've been had..... Taken on a fool's errand....." The disciple suddenly vomited out a mouthful of blood and fell to the floor, only able to say those words before he laid there flat and unmoving, seemingly no longer breathing.

    Jun Wu Xie stood up at that moment and walked over there. She checked for breath under the disciple's nose and turned her head to the bunch of anxious people to say: "Dead."

    Everyone gasped loudly.

    The last words of that disciple then resounded within everyone's mind.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb that they had been looking so hard for.....

    Was actually empty?

    How was that possible?

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord sank back into his chair looking defeated. Although the chances of finding the Dark Emperor's tomb had been slim to say the least, but his heart had always held that one sliver of anticipation, a fantasy that had been cruelly shattered today.

    "Flame Demons Palace Lord! What is really happening here! ? Even if you do not want us to continue to search for the Dark Emperor's tomb, you shouldn't say such words to try to deceive us all!" The Dark Heavens Palace Lord suddenly jumped to his feet, his face and ears red as he pointed at the Flame Demons Palace Lord to admonish loudly.

    He absolutely refused to believe that the Dark Emperor's tomb was fake.

    The other Palace Lords showed similar reactions. From what they could see, all of that was highly just deception schemed up by the Flame Demons Palace!

    However, before the Flame Demons Palace Lord could open his mouth to say anything in explanation, disciples dressed in the uniforms of different palaces came bursting in from outside in succession.

    And the state they were all in was extremely bad, telling of the same thing the disciple from the Flame Demons Palace had said.

    The only difference was that they did not die but were extremely weakened. From the mouths of those disciples, the Palace Lords of the various palaces finally came to know the truth about the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    According to what the disciples said, they had all gone into the Heaven's End Cliff separately and they had discovered the Dark Emperor's tomb through different routes, where in order to claim the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had even engaged in battle, resulting in countless deaths. But when they finally went into the Dark Emperor's tomb, what they were all greeted with was just an empty and vacant tomb.

    Even the Dark Emperor's coffin had been found to be void and empty as well!
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