Chapter 1911: “Explosive Face Slap (3)”

    Chapter 1911: "Explosive Face Slap (3)"

    After the disciples discovered that the Dark Emperor's tomb was phony, they all no longer had the will to fight and compete any more and they joined hands to escape the Heaven's End Cliff. This was also the reason why they had all come to appear here at the same time.

    If it had been just disciples from one or two of the palaces coming back to report, it might be really be believed. But when disciples from almost all the palaces were saying the same thing, then it must definitely be true!

    In an instant, the faces of all the Palace Lords turned white. They would never ever have thought that the Dark Emperor's tomb that had drained so much of their efforts would turn out to be empty.....

    The immense blow that struck all the Palace Lords caused their hearts to wince in pain. Only the Heavens would know that for the past close to a thousand years, in order to locate the Dark Emperor's tomb, just how many of their most elite people and riches they had sacrificed.

    But in the end.....

    There was nothing at all.

    What they had given up and all that they had sacrificed, had all become just one big joke.

    The entire venue fell deathly silent. If not for the fact they were able to recognize the disciples they had sent to the Heaven's End Cliff, and knew that the disciples were indeed from their own palaces, they would not have been willing to believe it.

    The pursuit that spanned a thousand years, that resulted in just one big joke.

    They had been completely played out by the Dark Regions once again!

    "No wonder..... No wonder the Dark Regions had not tried to restrict us from searching for the Dark Emperor's tomb. Haha..... So they..... knew that it was fake all along....." The Green Tide Palace Lord lamented with a laugh, though it sounded like he was crying.

    All the other Palace Lords were unable to accept that stark and cruel reality. In order for them to snatch the Dark Emperor's tomb out of the grasp of the others, how many things had they done, and sent just how many of their disciples to their deaths in vain, only to let them have a chance to ascend to the highest point in the Middle Realm.

    But now, all that they did just seemed so laughable.

    They had schemed and plotted, sacrificed so many of their elites, and at the end of it all, what they gained was only ridicule from the Dark Regions?

    That realization, made all the Palace Lords almost spurt out a mouthful of blood.

    Jun Wu Xie sat quietly in her seat, admiring the expressions on the faces of the various Palace Lords as their minds crumbled and collapsed.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb had never been a lie. It had really existed. A pity they had been a step too late as everything in there had already been emptied out by her. A large part of the treasures was now in the belly of Ye Jie's little Hell Rodent and that was one point that they would all never know about.

    The empty Dark Emperor's tomb would be the first "gift" from Jun Wu Xie to the Twelve Palaces.

    Coming right after, there would be more "great gifts" waiting for all of them to enjoy!

    The inside of the venue turned to become a cauldron boiling with chaos due to the news. The Flame Demons Palace was so shocked that he crashed back into his chair, his face a complete daze.

    For the Dark Emperor's tomb, looking just at the period of his rule, they had already lost more than ten Elders already, needless to mention how massives their loss of other elites and regular disciples they has suffered. But.....

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord drew in a deep breath, fighting back the urge to vomit out blood as he gazed at the chaos within the premise and he immediately stood up.

    Even if the Dark Emperor's tomb could no longer be found, the Flame Demons Palace's might would still be placed above the other palaces!

    "Everyone! Will everyone please calm down, all of this is just the ploy of the Dark Regions! We fell right into it! But as long as we, the Twelve Palaces stand united as one, we will not crumble from just one single setback! All the unhappiness between us from before, should be wiped away like none of it had ever happened before!"

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's words made everyone calm down slightly. The losses suffered was not just from one particular palace, but had encompassed all the palaces, which was not something they would find completely unacceptable.

    "Treat it like nothing's happened? Then what about all those people who have died because of the Dark Emperor's tomb? How will they be repaid?" A slightly cold and crisp voice suddenly sounded within the premise.

    Everyone's gaze then fell upon the source of that voice in the very next instant, fixed upon Jun Wu Xie!
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