Chapter 1912: “Explosive Face Slap (4)”

    Chapter 1912: "Explosive Face Slap (4)"

    "Shadow Moon Palace Lord, what do you mean by those words?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord's face immediately turned grim. The other Palace Lords were also looking quizzically at Jun Wu Xie, never having expected that a Palace Lord would say such a thing.

    Jun Wu Xie arched her eyebrow up slightly, not showing the slightest fear against the gazes of all the Palace Lords. She then leisurely leaned back against her chair, and raised her head to look at everyone.

    "Exactly as what those words mean. The Dark Emperor's tomb has turned up empty, but the people the various palaces has sacrificed is real. Those people who died paid for it with their very lives, but all they got in the end was to be made a joke, and all of you think this is appropriate?"

    At that moment, the Dark Heavens Palace Lord opened his mouth to speak: "Shadow Moon Palace Lord, you are still very young and you might not fully understand the importance of the Dark Emperor's tomb. One who seeks to accomplish great things does not bother himself with trifling details. If we do not fight for that one sliver of hope, aren't you asking us to live our lives in vain? The Twelve Palaces had always been not as powerful as the Nine Temples and if we just continued to sit back, resigned to our fates, the day will come that we are wiped out by the Nine Temples. Seeking the Dark Emperor's tomb and gaining the Dark Emperor's treasures, was a path for us to gain great power. With such treasures placed before our eyes, who would give up on that?"

    Jun Wu Xie then smirked coldly.

    "Since it's you yourselves who seek that power, why didn't you go find it personally? Instead, all of you had just sat back comfortably, waiting to reap the rewards while sacrificing the disciples under you. Now that the Dark Emperor's tomb is found to be empty, to all of you, it might just be losing a chance to gain yourselves some treasures, but to those people who sacrificed their lives down at the bottom of Heaven's End Cliff, they had laid down their own lives for it. Who among you could still remember the very first team you had sent to the Heaven's End Cliff? Who among all of you here can still remember the names of every single person? They have died for your ambitions, but now all that you are thinking is that you've lost out on a great big batch of treasures and do not feel the least bit guilty or regret towards all those people who have died. Dare I ask..... are all of you still human?"

    Jun Wu Xie's voice was soft, but every single word was sharp as a blade, mercilessly piercing through and shattering the dignified mask of sanctity upon the faces of all the Palace Lords.

    Thinking to gain great power for themselves, these people had used the lives of others to exchange for it. Knowing very well that the Heaven's End Cliff was filled with all kinds of dangers, but due to their inflated ambitions, they had incessantly sent people to the Heaven's End Cliff, where they had even turned their eyes to prey upon the powers in the Lower Realm.

    They had despised people from the Lower Realm from the bottom of their hearts and they did not even see the Lower Realm's people as humans at all.

    Jun Wu Xie had sought to find the Dark Emperor's tomb as well, but from start to end, she had gone there herself. Regardless of the fact that the Rui Lin Army obeyed her every order, or when she had already become the Fire Country's Emperor, she would definitely not allow herself to use the lives of others in exchange for more power for herself!

    Jun Wu Xie's words caused the faces of all the Palace Lords from the various palaces to turn a metallic green. They glared in fury at the impertinent little lass, wishing they could just sew her mouth up.

    Her words grated on the ears too much but they truly reflected the real thoughts that went through their minds.

    "Little lady, even though you're still considered to be very young, you've got to observe some propriety with your words. All of us here are much older than you are, and though we do not hold it against you, but you've got to learn some respect. As the Palace Lords of the various palaces, do you know how much things we have to deal with? Could you possibly be expecting us to attend to every single thing personally? And for us to go search the Heaven's End Cliff ourselves?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord said with a derisive sneer.

    "If you're unable to look into it personally, then is there a need to yearn for something that does not belong to yourself?" Jun Wu Xie's face was laced with a tinge of ridicule. A monarch like this, was truly laughable, when the lives of others were merely seen as a pawn in their eyes.
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