Chapter 1913: “Explosive Face Slap (5)”

    Chapter 1913: "Explosive Face Slap (5)"

    Jun Wu Xie's words stumped everyone present at the summit speechless.

    "Women with such a nasty character are hard to get along with. With the Shadow Moon Palace handed to such an ignorant little girl like you, it will be finished sooner or later." The All Life Palace Lord's face was flushed red with indignation. If the things that Jun Wu Xie had said had been heard by any of their palace disciples, who in the devil would know what kind of effects that would have brought.

    "No need for sooner or later. It's already finished." Jun Wu Xie's lips suddenly curled up into a brilliant smile, as she slowly got up from her chair to stand up.

    Everyone looked at Jun Wu Xie in puzzlement. They really could not fathom what this beautiful little young lady was thinking at all. Just what kind of a Palace Lord would curse their own palace to be finished like this?

    Has she gone mad?

    Jun Wu Xie walked over to the venue's entrance and then stared at the various Palace Lords whose expressions on their faces were looking rather ugly and said slowly: "I have yet to introduce myself. I am known in the Lower Realm as the Lin Palace's Jun Wu Xie."

    Jun Wu Xie's cold crisp voice reverberated within the summit's venue and the eyes of the various Palace Lords flared wide in that instant.

    [Lower Realm?]

    [What does it mean?]

    "Who are you really? Aren't you the Shadow Moon Palace's new Palace Lord?" The Soul Return Palace Lord asked as he raised a hand up to point at Jun Wu Xie, his face contorted in disbelief.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders and raised up her chin gracefully to say: "Reasonably speaking, I am the Shadow Moon Palace's new Palace Lord but it's just that I have absolutely no blood links with the previous Palace Lord at all. But if you really want me to state a link between us, then that would be..... that I killed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord with my own hands. Does that count?"

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly, seemingly with smiles but it was rather indiscernible.

    Eleven Palace Lords gasped audibly at that very instant. Though the Shadow Moon Palace could not compare to the other palaces, it was still one of the Twelve Palaces. Currently in the Middle Realm, only the Nine Temples could lord over their heads. No one would have thought that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord, being one among the Twelve Palaces, could have been killed by this tiny young lady before their eyes.....

    How could that be possible? !

    Jun Wu Xie's words struck like a bolt out of the blue onto everyone's heart. They stared at Jun Wu Xie in complete disbelief, refusing to believe any of it.

    "Kid, you must be joking..... How could the Shadow Moon Palace Lord be possibly killed by a little kid like you?" The Zen Void Palace Lord said half in doubt as he stared at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie arched up her eyebrow a little and then pulled out a token of command slowly from inside her robes. That token was made from green jade and upon it was carved the three characters that read "Shadow Moon Palace. That was the symbol representing the identity of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord throughout the generations and right over the surface of that piece of green jade, were bloodstains that had turned dark covering it.....

    "Apologies, I forgot to clean it when I removed it from the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's corpse back then. But I believe you gentlemen are still able to recognise it?" Jun Wu Xie asked with her head tilted to one side in query, as she stared at the bunch of people whose faces had turned green.

    That highly nonchalant tone, caused a sliver of horror to rise within the hearts of the various Palace Lords.

    Even the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's token of command had fallen into the hands of this lass, that would mean that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord must have really perished!

    "Kid, where are you really from? For you to come all the way here today, I don't think you're just here just to watch the show right?" Dazed from shock, the Flame Demons Palace Lord finally snapped back to his senses. He had earlier already felt that Jun Wu Xie did not seem like any ordinary girl but he had never expected the lass to be audacious that she had even destroyed the Shadow Moon Palace.

    An ominous and dreadful feeling suddenly rose up within the Flame Demons Palace Lord's heart. Jun Wu Xie's target was definitely not just the Shadow Moon Palace alone or why would she assume the identity of the Shadow Moon Palace Lord and come all the way here to partake in the Twelve Palace's Summit?

    "What's wrong? You're getting old and your memory is failing you already? I've already said that I come from the Lower Realm." Jun Wu Xie said, in a highly arrogant tone.
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