Chapter 1914: “Explosive Face Slap (6)”

    Chapter 1914: "Explosive Face Slap (6)"

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord almost suffocated to death from trying to hold in his anger when he heard Jun Wu Xie's words.

    "Lower Realm? Are you taking me for a fool? With the Lower Realm being the kind of place it is, how could they possibly have such a young Purple Spirit like you appear there? You're a cowardly little scoundrel as I have thought you are, that you do not even dare to reveal your family name." The Purple Thunder Palace Lord said with great sarcasm. The Palace Lords of the various palaces were all Silver Spirits so how could they not be able to tell that Jun Wu Xie holds powers at the Purple Spirit's fourth stage? There was no need to even talk about the backward and remote Lower Realm, such a high gift when placed in the Middle Realm, would also be considered to be unprecedentedly monstrous.

    Jun Wu Xie shrugged her shoulders, unbothered by the Purple Thunder Palace Lord's sarcasm.

    "Up to you whether you believe it or not."

    "Kid, don't you think you're thinking too much of yourself? I have really never seen anyone as audacious as you, to still dare to come attend the Twelve Palaces' Summit after having killed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord. Do you really think that we would not dare to do anything to you?" The Dark Heavens Palace Lord said with a sneer.

    The fact that Jun Wu Xie killed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had indeed been way beyond their expectations but everyone knew that the Shadow Moon Palace Lord had from a long time ago been rather ill and his spirit powers had deteriorated greatly, naturally weaker than other Palace Lords like them, but no one knew to what extent the Shadow Moon Palace Lord's spirit powers had dropped to just before he was killed.

    "Jun Wu Xie right? For what have you really come here for? If you tell it to us, we might still allow you a way to get out of here alive." The Flame Demons Palace Lord said coldly. He was not as conceited as the other Palace Lords, and he could not help but think that Jun Wu Xie's appearance here must be a sign of something more to come.

    But just what could that be?

    Before this, he could be certain that he had never heard of this name, and the other party had stated that she had come from the Lower Realm, though the powers she possessed was not what someone from the Lower Realm should be able to possess.

    "Motive?" Jun Wu Xie raised up her eyebrow slightly.

    "My motives will become clear to you in a little while but before that, I think there are a few people that I think all of you should meet first, to repay to them everything everyone of you have owed them one by one." Jun Wu Xie said with a light laugh, throwing up that statement that prickled people to hear.

    The moment her voice fell, she raised her hands and clapped them once.

    The clear sound reverberated within everyone's ears.

    The tightly locked doors were immediately pushed open, and several tall figures came walking silently in from outside.

    The various Palace Lords who were readying themselves in anticipation immediately froze in astoundment when they saw who the newcomers were.

    "Qiao Chu?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord exclaimed in disbelief as he stared at Qiao Chu walking into the venue.

    "How are you, my Lord." Qiao Chu said with a slight bow as he looked smilingly at the Flame Demons Palace Lord, as respectful as he had been in the past back in the Flame Demons Palace, but with a murderous look risen up within his eyes.

    "Hua Yao, what have you come here for?" The Purple Thunder Palace Lord asked in surprise as he stared at Hua Yao standing beside Qiao Chu, the two of them walking shoulder to shoulder, giving people the feeling of great harmony between those two. But he clearly remembered that a huge conflict existed between Hua Yao and Qiao Chu where they fought almost every single time they met, how.....

    Hua Yao eyed the shocked Purple Thunder Palace Lord coldly, ignoring his query.

    And the Soul Return Palace Lord when he saw Rong Ruo, was stunned into a daze.

    And the Dark Heavens Palace Lord's face was one of complete bewilderment when he saw Fan Zhuo.

    "Fei Yan, just what exactly is going on here?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord asked, his eyes narrowed slightly as he stared. Standing right beside Rong Ruo, was Fei Yan with an absolutely brilliant smile, and a feeling of ill ease started to rise up within his heart.

    "As you can see, my Lord, I have defected." Fei Yan was still smiling brilliantly, but his words made the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord feel like he had been struck by lightning.
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