Chapter 1915: “Explosive Face Slap (7)”

    Chapter 1915: "Explosive Face Slap (7)"

    "What...... Fei Yan..... You....." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's mind was in a whirl. It could be said that after Zhuge Yin died, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord trust towards Fei Yan could be said to have reached unprecedented levels.

    When Zhuge Yin had still been alive, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had already discovered that the relationship between Zhuge Yin and Fei Yan had been highly rather loving. If not for the fact that he was already thinking to ally themselves with the Blood Fiend Palace through marriage, he would really have allowed Zhuge Yin to marry Fei Yan because of her gifted potential. And after Zhuge Yin died, Fei Yan had been filled with indignant fury, constantly initiating attempts to seek recompense for Zhuge Yin's death, and all of that had caused the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's trust in Fei Yan to grow and grow.

    But now, at the moment the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord saw Fei Yan, it suddenly dawned upon him.....

    That he might have been fooled!

    "My Lord has been thoroughly exhausted in both heart and mind because of the Young Lord's death and you must now take good care of your health. You had better not suddenly be unable to catch your breath, and fall right over or there would be no meaning in me coming all the way here." Fei Yan said smilingly as he looked at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's face as its shade became uglier and uglier. Fei Yan's smile grew more and more brilliant, but within the two smiley crescents they were his eyes, thick intense hatred flashed.

    The reactions of the Flame Demons Palace Lord, the Soul Return Palace Lord, the Dark Heavens Palace Lord, and the Purple Thunder Palace Lord were exactly the same. They just could not believe that the disciple they had valued the very most over the recent period would now actually stand behind Jun Wu Xie, and looking at the atmosphere within the group, it could be seen that they had known each other from long before!

    At that moment, the faces of five Palace Lords turned a highly ugly shade. With the kind of experience they had, if they were still unable to see that they had been fooled by this bunch of youths, then they would really have lived in vain!

    "All of you are in this together?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord asked through gritted teeth, his eyes glaring fiercely at Fei Yan.

    Fei Yan shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly and replied: "Yes, we are."

    "You had not truly wanted to pledge loyalty to our Dragon Slayers Palace?"

    "That's right."

    With every question the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord asked, his fists clenched more tightly a notch.

    "Then regarding my son's death, did you lie to me right from the start! ?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was absolutely livid. With Zhuge Yin's death, a large part of it had been told to him by Fei Yan, and as it had matched the news that the Pure Grace Palace had sent, he had believed it readily, and hated Gu Ying to the bone. Thinking back about it now, if it wasn't for the fact that Fei Yan had been bringing up the highly brutal way Zhuge Yin had been killed so frequently beside his ears, how could his hatred have grown so deep?

    An immense fear then hung over the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's head. He was afraid. Afraid that being fooled by Fei Yan would cause him to be unable to find the true identity of the enemy who had killed his son.

    Fei Yan merely looked at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord smilingly, choosing to no longer open his mouth at that moment.

    "Your son, was not killed by Gu Ying." Jun Wu Xie suddenly voiced out, as she looked at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord indifferently.

    "Then who! ?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord roared.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head up slightly, and pointed at her own chest to say: "It was me."

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's eyes flared wide, the heavy blow that struck him causing his step to waver and he fell back a couple of steps, his hand grabbing onto the edge of a table to prevent himself from falling.

    "It's you! !" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's jaws were tightly clenched as he stared straight at Jun Wu Xie, rage and hatred entwining within his heart.

    Because he had come to firmly believe that Zhuge Yin had died at Gu Ying's hands, and in order to avenge his own son, he had employed the strength of the entire Dragon Slayers Palace, but all of that was now all just a joke.

    His son had not been killed by Gu Ying at all!

    Everything that he had done before, all that the Dragon Slayers Palace had sacrificed, and he had just been a puppet all along, manipulated by the unseen strings Jun Wu Xie and Fei Yan pulled.
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