Chapter 1916: “Explosive Face Slap (8)”

    Chapter 1916: "Explosive Face Slap (8)"

    Everything that he had done before, all that the Dragon Slayers Palace had sacrificed, and he had just been a puppet all along, manipulated by the unseen strings Jun Wu Xie and Fei Yan pulled.

    The mighty Dragon Slayers Palace of the Twelve Palaces had actually been toyed within the palms of two youths not even twenty years of age! Such humiliation, was something the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had never encountered before throughout his entire life!

    "Give me back my son's life! !" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord let out an explosive yell, suddenly charging at Jun Wu Xie. His eyes were blood red, seeking only to slaughter the killer who murdered his son.

    Jun Wu Xie stood unmoving in her spot, looking coldly at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord who was charging straight at her.

    The other Palace Lords at the side were all shocked by the truth behind Zhuge Yin's death. Never in their dreams would they have thought that Jun Wu Xie could be capable of such an intricate plot, that had dragged the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace into Hell in one stroke. Not only had she killed Zhuge Yin, she had made the Dragon Slayers Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace become irreconcilable enemies, what was more terrifying was that..... Fei Yan had been one of her accomplice!

    Seeing the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord fly into such a rage, everyone's heart rose with a tinge of anticipation. Without knowing why, they were suddenly filled with a certain indescribable fear towards this young lady of mysterious origins who had a highly intricate mind and capable of swift decisive action. The opponent was clearly still so young and petite in size, but looking into those cold clear eyes, it somehow sent a chill to shoot through them.

    They were anxiously anticipating to see whether the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord would be able to kill that devilish monster!

    However, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had not even managed to even touch the corners of Jun Wu Xie's clothes when the figure of Fei Yan suddenly charged to go right before him, and with a heavy punch, Fei Yan smashed his fist straight towards the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's hand!

    A loud crash sounded within the summit's venue, the repercussion from the clash of spirit powers shattering the tables and chairs around them. Clouds of dust rose in swirls, to turn into a foggy blur within the entire venue.

    All of a sudden, a strange silence fell upon the venue and the Palace Lords released their spirit powers to dissipate the foggy cloud of dust.

    When they were able to see the scene before their eyes clearly, they all froze in shock.

    They saw Fei Yan still standing where he was, while the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord who was stopped had actually retreated back several steps and the hand that drooped slight at his side was oozing with traces of blood.....

    How was that possible! ?

    Everyone stared in utter disbelief at the scene before them.

    Although Fei Yan was extremely highly gifted, but he was still very young of age. Even though the speed of his spirit power cultivation was already Heaven defying, but he was merely only a third stage Purple Spirit, while the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had already attained the Silver Spirit's third stage. The disparity between their powers was a whole entire level and the gap between a Purple Spirit and a Silver Spirit was an unbridgeable chasm.

    In a clash like this, no matter in whose eyes, it would just be seen as Fei Yan overestimating his strength and there was no doubt he would be soundly defeated, fearing that even expecting him to withstand the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's rage filled strike would be too extravagant to hope for.

    But who would have thought. After that strike, Fei Yan had been completely unscathed, while the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord had actually suffered light injuries!

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord's injury had been slight, but even if it had only been a scratch, it would be enough to cause everyone to stare in flabbergasted shock!

    He was merely a third stage Purple Spirit for Heaven's sake!

    Fei Yan was just a third stage Purple Spirit. How could he possibly be able to wound the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord?

    A situation that should have been impossible had instead happened right before everyone's eyes!

    "Damn it! You traitorous white eyed wolf, what kind of a vile trick did you use! ?" The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord spat through tightly gritted teeth, his eyes glaring at Fei Yan. Having been made a fool by such a person, was the greatest humiliation he had ever suffered. Even he himself had not thought that he would be pushed back by Fei Yan. Everything that was being seen here was just too hard to believe!
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