Chapter 1917: “Explosive Face Slap (9)”

    Chapter 1917: "Explosive Face Slap (9)"

    Fei Yan cricked his neck and looked at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord in contempt.

    "Traitorous white eyed wolf? I'm sorry then. I really don't feel that pledging loyalty to your Dragon Slayers Palace Lord will do me any good. Moreover, I have not come here to seek the protection of Dragon Slayers Palace but am here to seek revenge. The debt incurred back when the Dragon Slayers Palace massacred one hundred and thirty six members of my entire family is what I have come to collect on. Don't talk to me about using vicious methods because as long as it sends you down into the depths of Hell, even if I am to turn into a vengeful ghost, I will not hesitate to do it! !"

    At that moment, the air Fei Yan exuded and his demeanor had completely changed, the mischievous smile on his handsome face long faded away, and in its place, was a pair of sharp piercing eyes lit by the burning fire of vengeance. Hidden beneath the facade of the coy young lady, the soul of the youthful male blazed up fiercely at that moment, and no one dared to continue to think of him as a girl!

    "What are you talking about..... When did I....." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was startled by the change that had come over Fei Yan. Never would he have thought that Fei Yan was actually a young youthful male!

    Between being a young lady and a youthful male, just from the change in demeanor and the air one exuded and it could draw such a clear and distinct division in boundary.....

    "Oh? As expected, you do not remember? Then let me help refresh your memory a little. It was more than ten years ago, that you once sent a team of the Dragon Slayers Palace's disciples to the Heaven's End Cliff and one of them found the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb. He carried heavy injuries and suffering the pain of having all his companions annihilated, he brought the map tattooed on his back to return to the Dragon Slayers Palace. He had initially thought that he and his companions had not sacrificed in vain, thinking that having completed the mission given to him, he would gain your acknowledgement after he returned to the palace. But he had never expected the kind of Hell that awaited him in the palace!"

    "He was executed, death by a thousand cuts, not even allowing his corpse to remain whole. His wife was killed, siblings slaughtered, the entire clan annihilated! That was the reward the Dragon Slayers Palace gave him! Dragon Slayers Palace Lord! Do you still remember Fei Liu! ? Do you remember obliterating the entire Fei Clan! ? My name is Fei Yan! I am Fei Liu's son! I crawled out from the pits of Hell today, to seek recompense for the blood debt where you massacred the entire Fei Clan more than ten years ago! !" Fei Yan stared murderously at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord, the hatred that had been suppressed deep in his heart for more than a decade exploding out right at that moment!

    He suddenly pulled out the human skin map that he had always carried with him. That was the last thing his father had left behind. His very own skin!

    At the moment that Fei Yan's voice fell, Qiao Chu, Rong Ruo, Fan Zhuo, and Hua Yao all unfurled the human skin maps they had kept with them for such a long time before the respective Palace Lords, the pieces of human skin map that had weathered through the passage of time, now old and worn. But the debts of blood that laid hidden underneath those worn out maps, were etched deep into the hearts of every single one of them, indelible throughout this life!

    In that instant, as those pieces of human skin maps were brought out under the light, it caused the minds of the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord and several other Palace Lords to immediately explode.

    How could they possibly forget the joy and delight they had felt when they first received those maps? How could they have forget that in order for them to avoid any trouble, to prevent the Night Regime from ever seeking revenge upon them and to never let the secret leak out, they had ordered for the entire families of those disciples who brought back those maps to be massacred?

    And none of them had ever thought that anyone had managed to survive the massacre on that fateful day!

    Much more so, how could they have thought that the children that managed to escape the massacre had actually grown up, carrying the burden of their entire clan's blood vengeance upon their backs, to crawl out from the pits of Hell, to come launch maniacal revenge upon them all on this day! ?

    Qiao Chu and the others stood beside Fei Yan, their bodies burning with the flames of vengeance, as they faced the biggest enemy of their lives.

    Revenge for their parents, revenge for their kin in the entire clan. It was time for them to demand it all back this very day!
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