Chapter 1918: “Explosive Face Slap (10)”

    Chapter 1918: "Explosive Face Slap (10)"

    The hate endured by the youths for more than ten years was what fueled them up to live till now. Having witnessed with his own eyes their entire clan annihilated, having seen their parents and siblings die under the butcher's knife, came to become a forever unforgettable nightmare to the younglings that they had been then.

    And today, they sought to shatter that very nightmare they had been living under!

    The people from the Twelve Palaces stood in a daze, besides the Flame Demons Palace and the others who had been guilty as charged, everyone else was staring at the Flame Demons Palace and the others with stunned expressions on their faces.

    These youths who were looking like vengeful demons, were actually people who miraculously survived from the massacre carried out by these palaces!

    Back when the Flame Demons Palace and some of the others gained the maps to the Dark Emperor's tomb, the other palaces had also heard about it. They were also very much aware of the brutal and immoral massacres those palaces had carried out upon the families of the disciples who brought those maps back.

    Towards what had been done, it was already common practice by the various palaces as compared to the interests of an entire palace, so what if several hundred or a thousand people died?

    Even if it was a loyal and devoted disciple, it did not mean they were indispensible.

    It was sort of like an unspoken consensus among the Twelve Palaces, towards that massacre in cold blood, it was only looked upon like a joke back at that time.

    Nobody would have thought that that very debt owed in blood would still continue till today. Those children who had survived, were now grown up, and had come for revenge!

    "Damn it! So everything was stirred up by the lot of you!" The Green Tide Palace Lord immediately jumped out. As things stand now, how could he possibly not understand that all the turmoil that had rocked the Twelve Palaces over the recent period was incited by this bunch of vengeful youths? In order to exact their revenge, they had dragged everyone in the Twelve Palaces into it.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's face was dark, and he did not say a word.

    Gu Yi arched up an eyebrow. Things have progressed to a point beyond anything he could have expected, the truth just too unbelievable.

    "Everything that happened had stemmed from the things that you did before. After this matter is resolved, I think the palaces involved in it owes us an explanation." Gu Yi said coldly. He did not care about the fact Fei Yan and his friends had come seeking revenge. From his point of view, although the bunch of youths were rare talents with extraordinary gift, they had been too anxious. They had gained just a little bit of accomplishment, their wings had not yet grown strong enough, still completely unable to go against the Flame Demons Palace and the other palaces at all. Although their appearance here today had been shocking, and the turmoil they had incited had indeed been frustrating, but they would not be able to achieve the result they seek in the end.

    Their young age, had doomed them to failure.

    "Ha, your words are just so interesting. It seems the ones who were incited was not just us, haven't all of you fallen for their tricks as well?" The Soul Return Palace Lord said with a sneer.

    "These kids came here to court their own deaths, I will naturally not let them off. We will need to find another time to discuss about the conflicts between the respective palaces as now, it's now crucial we first deal with this bunch of little brats." The Dark Heavens Palace Lord said as he rotated his wrists while walking himself forward, his eyes looking coldly at Rong Ruo gaugingly.

    "I do not regret what I did back then in the slightest. So what if I killed your father and your entire family? What do you think you can get back from me? Rong Ruo, I saw that the dual souls you were born with remains intact and I had truly wanted to groom you. But since you insist to cling on so tightly to the past, I do not need to leave you any face. I am standing right here today, and if you seek to collect on the debt in blood for your parents, you can come try as you wish. You managed to escape back then but I will be the good guy today, to send you into the afterworld to join your useless parents!"

    The Soul Return Palace Lord's words were harsh on the ears, and Fei Yan who heard those words felt a fiery rage surge up in his heart, all prepared to go teach this scoundrel who would slander a deceased person a good lesson.
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