Chapter 1919: “Explosive Face Slap (11)”

    Chapter 1919: "Explosive Face Slap (11)"

    Rong Ruo suddenly raised a hand to stop Fei Yan in his tracks. With her back facing Fei Yan, she stood pencil straight, and her voice that had always been gentle turned oppressive and chilling.

    "I'll do it myself."

    Fei Yan hesitated a moment, but took a step back in the end.

    There were some things that could not be done by others.

    Rong Ruo stared at the Soul Return Palace Lord, as she pulled out an elixir from her waist. When Qiao Chu and the others saw the elixir, their eyes quivered slightly as the scene just before they came to the summit's venue suddenly appeared in their minds.

    Moments just before Jun Wu Xie came to the summit, she had gathered Qiao Chu and the gang, and gave them each an elixir.

    Spirit Transformation Elixir!

    A type of an elixir that could elevate one's spirit powers to another realm in an instant. Though the effects of the elixir was extremely powerful, which gave the person taking it powerful they never had before in a short period of time, but with those incredible effects, it brought about a huge side effects.

    Anyone who takes that elixir, would experience a reaction where their spirit powers would be fully depleted for an entire year. And within that year, that person's body would fall into an extremely frail state, where they would be weaker than even a regular person, and the slightest bit of any additional agitation on the body might very well bring them death.

    And those were just the side effects that Jun Wu Xie was aware of at that moment. The full scale of the damage that would be inflicted upon the user after taking the elixir was still not known.

    Reducing oneself to become almost a complete cripple for an entire year after, to exchange for momentary unsurpassed powers. If one was unable to conclude the battle before the effects of the elixir wears off, then the only end the user would come to meet would definitely be death!

    When Jun Wu Xie gave them those Spirit Transformation Elixirs, she had repeatedly emphasized, that they must not be taken until the most critical moment. Otherwise, once the elixir was swallowed, even she would have no way of reversing its side effects!

    At the moment that Qiao Chu and the others saw Rong Ruo bring out the Spirit Transformation Elixir, they knew that under Rong Ruo's seemingly calm facade, hatred that scorched the Heavens was about to burst forth.

    She was ready to give it everything she's got and more, determined to throw herself into a battle to the death with the Soul Return Palace Lord!

    Revenge for all her kin, she would exact it today with her own hands!

    At almost the same instant, Qiao Chu and the others exchanged glances before taking out their own Spirit Transformation Elixir they had on them.

    Having come to such a juncture, they had already effectively severed any way out of this for themselves!

    At the same time, Fei Yan, Rong Ruo, Qiao Chu, Hua Yao, and Fan Zhuo then swallowed the Spirit Transformation Elixir!

    The Soul Return Palace Lord was still looking at Rong Ruo contemptuously. When he saw Rong Ruo and the others swallowing that Elixir, he had an indistinct feeling that something wasn't quite right, but did not know what was going on.

    "Taking any kind of medicine or elixirs at this point would not be of any use to you. A Purple Spirit will still be a Purple Spirit. How could you possibly stand against a Silver Spirit?" The Soul Return Palace Lord said sneeringly.

    The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord managed to regain his composure at that moment as he looked at the wound upon his arm. He then came to acutely detect that although Fei Yan had looked to be fine earlier, he was certain that he had already inflicted internal injuries upon Fei Yan. But as Fei Yan was from the Great Ape race, his body was tougher than most people and that was why he had seemed to have not suffered any damage.

    "Deliberate pointless tricks. I would really like to see what all of you can conjure up." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord said with her eyes narrowed.

    Jun Wu Xie silently watched the repulsive and ugly faces of the twelve Palace Lords before turning her gaze slowly onto Qiao Chu and the others.

    In the instant that Jun Wu Xie's gaze fell upon Qiao Chu and gang, the purple coloured spirit light that surrounded their bodies was already swelling up at an alarming rate, the density of their spirit powers rising maniacally!

    Purple Spirit's third stage!

    Purple Spirit's fourth stage!

    Silver Spirit! !
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