Chapter 1920: “Explosive Face Slap (12)”

    Chapter 1920: "Explosive Face Slap (12)"

    When the purple glow was covered over by the silver light, the eyes of everyone within the venue turned wide in that instant, the taunting ridicule already fading away under that brilliance of that silver light, replaced by utter shock!

    "How was that possible..... From a Purple Spirit to the Silver Spirit..... How could it happen so quickly....." The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord stared incredulously at Fei Yan who was shrouded by blinding silver light, the surprise in his eyes showing clearly.

    Attaining the Purple Spirit in one's cultivation was already very hard and going from the Purple Spirit to the Silver Spirit was way beyond difficult. Not to mention seeing it happen in a mere minute's time, as even when given a hundred years, even among supposed gifted geniuses, only a rare few would be able to breakthrough to such a realm.

    But right before their eyes, five Purple Spirits had actually broken through to the Silver Spirit as they watched with incredulity, the strength of the Silver Spirit's light turning from weak to strong, and was even still rising without stopping!

    Even for the twelve Palace Lords who possessed wide experience and knowledge were stunned into a daze by such a scene.

    "To think that such a miraculous medicine actually exists under these Heavens! One that allows a Purple Spirit to breakthrough to the Silver Spirit in an instant! ? What kind of an elixir was that?" The Dark Heavens Palace Lord stared with his jaw hanging at what was happening before his eyes. It completely defied logic, which could be termed as nothing but miraculous, instantly crushing any kind of confidence that they originally held in their heart!

    The Silver Spirit light upon the bodies of Fei Yan and the gang suddenly stopped shooting up when it reached the Silver Spirit's second level, the surging spirit light encompassing every single one of their bodies, the light too blinding to look at directly.

    "Now, we can start." Fei Yan said slowly as he raised up his head, his half narrowed eyes brewing with endless murder, his gaze sharp as blades as it met the astounded eyes of the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord.

    The very instant that Fei Yan's voice fell, five silver figures morphed into lightning streaks, each charging straight at the opponent they sought to exact revenge upon!

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord, Dragon Slayers Palace Lord, Soul Return Palace Lord, Dark Heavens Palace Lord, and the Purple Thunder Palace Lord immediately found themselves under a massive onslaught. The spirit power from their bodies clashed with the spirit light from Qiao Chu and the others in that instant, the force from the enormous impact causing the entire venue to shake and quiver!

    It had turned into a battle that no ordinary person could take part in.

    A fight to the death between Silver Spirits could be said to be one that transcended all levels!

    With the passing of a mere ten seconds, the roof and walls of the venue were filled with splits and crack marks, with fine debris crumbling down from above. Within the swirling fog of dust kicked up, streaks of silver light flashed, looking like silver lightning hidden within a blinding fog, moving so fast it was impossible to see them clearly!

    Jun Wu Xie stood at the entrance of the venue hall, her eyes cold as she looked the many lightning quick figures locked in battle. With her powers, she was unable to clearly see the battle among the Silver Spirits!

    A loud crash sounded, as a good half of the ceiling collapsed and fell from the constant impact striking it, to land heavily upon the long table within the hall, kicking up a great cloud of dust!

    "We cannot remain here in this place any longer! It's going to collapse!" It was not known which Palace Lord suddenly shouted, and everyone who had been standing within the hall to watch the battle suddenly summoned up their spirit powers to charge speedily out from the hall!

    At the same instant that they charged out from the summit's venue, the entire place collapsed, the streaks of silver light continuing to clash and criss cross incessantly under the chaos and dust. The resulting booms was enough to shatter people's eardrums, and the ever widening waves of spirit power spilling out from battle constantly turned the broken stone slabs into crushed rubble inch by inch!

    The various Palace Lords who escaped out from the summit's venue were still rather unsettled as they stared at the shambles and disorder, their faces still in shock as they looked at Qiao Chu and his companions who were engaged in battle.
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