Chapter 1921: “Explosive Face Slap (13)”

    Chapter 1921: "Explosive Face Slap (13)"

    These few youths were actually able to stand against the Flame Demons Palace Lord and the others!

    That was just too unbelievable!

    Even if the powers of Qiao Chu and the others had shot up to the Silver Spirit's second stage at a highly alarming rate, the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord and the others has already attained the Silver Spirit's third level from long before, with some among them like the Flame Demons Palace Lord for example, he had already broken through to the Silver Spirit's fourth stage and he was the person within the Twelve Palaces who was closest to the Gold Spirit!

    Above the Silver Spirit, the gap between every single stage was like that of a wide gulf, where even if an instant kill was not possible, an overwhelming advantage would still be unavoidable.

    But even after the battle had gone on for a few short minutes, Qiao Chu and his gang were not at any disadvantage at all but were in reality fighting on par with the Flame Demons Palace Lord and the others!

    Unthinkable things were happening one after another and the faces of the Palace Lords from the different Palaces were in shock. Too many things were happening at the same time and they were finding it impossible to grasp all of it.

    During the battle, the Flame Demons Palace Lord's teeth were tightly clenched in hatred. To think that the Twelve Palaces' number one would be pushed to be fighting equally with a youth in his teens who borrowed strength from an elixir. That was just unbelievably humiliating!

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord had wanted to take down his opponent with one single stroke countless times but he quickly discovered that a pair of fiery pair of scarlet red gloves had actually appeared on Qiao Chu's fists out of nowhere. Those gloves were extraordinarily tough and in the instant when the Flame Demons Palace Lord had clashed his fist against his opponent's, an intense searing and a hardness almost like that of unyielding steel had immediately made him realize the exceptional power of those gloves.

    "What are those things on your hands?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord asked fiercely in the instant they pulled apart from each other as he stared at Qiao Chu through narrowed eyes.

    The ends of Qiao Chu's lips curled up with a smile as his fists turned into two fiery dragons, that shot speedily forward together with his body as he charged, leaving a blazing red trail of flames in the air behind him.

    "What? You don't recognize the Flame Demons Palace's most representative magical treasure?" Qiao Chu's voice reached the Flame Demons Palace Lord's ears.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord barely managed to dodge Qiao Chu's strike, his foot turning around to retreat back a few steps, his face not yet recovered from astonishment. It had been just a slight passing brush over his shoulder and the fiery blaze on those gloves had burned right through his clothes, leaving stinging red burn wounds upon his shoulder!

    If that fist had struck him directly on his body, the results would have been disastrous.

    But what astounded the Flame Demons Palace Lord even more was Qiao Chu's words instead.

    The Flame Demons Palace's most representative magical treasure?

    He could still faintly remember back when the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm, all the treasures held by the Twelve Palaces, the Nine Temples and the Four Sides were seized by the Dark Regions and among them, were treasures that were symbolic of the respective palaces. The Flame Demons Palace's most illustrative magical treasure back then had been the Flame Dragon Gauntlets and it was said to have been forged from the scales of the Flame Dragon, an ancient Divine Beast. The Flame Dragon Gauntlets inherited the Flame Dragon's fiery attributes, innately infused with the raging inferno of flames. It's flames could not be extinguished by regular water and would burn through the hardest thing under the Heavens, where it was said that no living being would be able to block the Flame Dragon's flames.

    Those very Flame Dragon Gauntlets had been taken away by the Dark Emperor who reigned over the Dark Regions back then until the Dark Emperor fell, where they were then buried together with a large horde of treasure in the Dark Emperor's tomb, to accompany the Dark Emperor in eternal rest.

    When the Flame Demons Palace Lord was born, the Dark Emperor had already fallen for a long time and he had never even seen the Flame Demons Palace's Flame Dragon Gauntlets before. It was only when he was prompted by Qiao Chu's words earlier and after he witnessed the gauntlets' powers that it quickly dawned upon the Flame Demons Palace Lord!

    "How did the Flame Dragon Gauntlets come to be in your hands! ?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord was suddenly startled. Shouldn't those things be in the Dark Emperor's tomb?
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