Chapter 1922: “Explosive Face Slap (14)”

    Chapter 1922: "Explosive Face Slap (14)"

    "Wait till you're dead and I'll tell you." Qiao Chu replied, his eyes flashing with intense murder. His body then flew up into the air, his fists pushed against each other as an inferno flared up between his fists in a fiery blaze. He suddenly shot downwards, his fists smashing onto the ground where the raging flames tore a large split that charged straight towards the Flame Demons Palace Lord, like a massive flaming dragon that was about to tear into the Flame Demons Palace Lord with a deafening roar!

    The searing heat tearing straight towards him forced the Flame Demons Palace Lord to pull his spirit powers into a shield around himself, attempting to block out the Flame Dragon's fire. Even so, the magnificently lavish clothes upon his body was badly singed and scorched by the inferno, to turn into tattered rags!

    "How do you like the taste of that? Being wounded by the magical artifact that represents the Flame Demons Palace when you're the Flame Demons Palace Lord? It should feel really good right? But, that is not all! You can just slowly savour it all! !" The corners of Qiao Chu's mouth hooked up in a sinister smile filled with blood chilling murder, the fire of vengeance burning bright within his eyes.

    Back at the time when Jun Wu Yao had initially handed this pair of Flame Dragon Gauntlets to him, he had been a little doubtful. But when he heard through Ye Sha's mouth the origins of the Flame Dragon Gauntlets, he could not be any more thankful to Jun Wu Yao for what he had arranged.

    There wouldn't be anything else that could be more ironic than to use the Flame Demons Palace's most symbolic magical artifact to kill the Flame Demons Palace Lord!

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's back was drenched with sweat while being roasted within the searing blaze, and his spirit powers was draining extremely quickly. He was shocked to find that his strength had unknowingly weakened by quite a lot, having fallen from his peak of the Silver Spirit's fourth stage to the Silver Spirit's second stage!

    [Why is happening?]

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's heart was struck by terror. No wonder fighting a second stage Silver Spirit like Qiao Chu had been so thorny. The spirit powers in his body was becoming more uncontrollable, and the alarming rate it was depleting at caused his heart to be filled with a kind of panic he had never experienced before.

    He turned his head to look at the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord who was battling Fei Yan and saw that the Dragon Slayers Palace Lord was experiencing the exact same situation as him. The Dragon Slayers Palace Lord who had clearly been at the peak of the Silver Spirit's third stage was caught on the defensive under the ferocious pummeling of Fei Yan who was only a Silver Spirit at the second stage!

    A sense of unease immediately rose up and spread within the Flame Demons Palace Lord's heart. As he dodged Qiao Chu's attacks, he glanced over to see the other Palace Lords who were engaged in battle, discovering to his dismay that they were all in the same situation as him!

    For some unknown reason, their powers had suddenly diminished by a highly significant amount and that was why they had only been only able to fight on par with Qiao Chu and his companions right from the beginning.

    Suddenly, the Flame Demons Palace Lord unexpectedly shot an explosive blast of spirit energy to push Qiao Chu back and in that split instant, his gaze quickly turned to stare at Jun Wu Xie standing at the side.

    It was only until they had left the summit's venue and now come out under the sun that he suddenly noticed that the scented pouch hanging from Jun Wu Xie's hip was constantly emitting waves of very faint green smoke. The smoke was an extremely thin wisp and it would be impossible to detect it if not for the sun.

    "You're the one! What have you done to us! ?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord roared fiercely at Jun Wu Xie, his face twisted up in rage.

    With the resounding roar from the Flame Demons Palace, the surrounding Palace Lords who were not involved in the battle turned to look towards Jun Wu Xie one after another.

    From the beginning, they had all subconsciously come to overlook that silent little young lady. It was known whether it was because the battle before their eyes had been too intense or was it just because they refused to even want to think of the little devil that had toyed with the Twelve Palaces so completely within the palm of her hand.

    "Oh? You've finally discovered it?" Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow raised, as she looked calmly at the heavily panting Flame Demons Palace Lord, before slowly pulling the unremarkable looking fragrance pouch off her hip.
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