Chapter 1923: “Explosive Face Slap (15)”

    Chapter 1923: "Explosive Face Slap (15)"

    Jun Wu Xie undid the seal upon the fragrance pouch. A hollowed out little bronze ball was emitting faint wisps of green smoke.

    A half burnt piece of triangular shaped incense then fell out from the bronze ball.

    "Battles are only exciting to watch when the combatants' powers are about the same. Don't you think so?" Jun Wu Xie said with a light graceful laugh.

    "What is that....." The Palace Lords from the various palaces were thrown into quite a fluster.

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord just almost vomited out a mouthful of blood. He forcibly pushed back down the slight metallic taste of blood that surged up to the back of his throat and through tightly clenched teeth, he said to the Palace Lords watching the battle at the side: "Are all of you idiots? How long are all of you going to watch the show until? That thing in the little wench's scented pouch is draining our spirit powers. Do you think their objective is really only to kill the few of us here? Do you think you'll be able to escape? Don't forget! This filthy wench has killed the Shadow Moon Palace Lord! If the lot of you continues to watch with your hands kept in your sleeves, after we're defeated, it'll be your turn next!"

    The Flame Demons Palace Lord's raging roar immediately pulled the various Palace Lords back to their senses. All of them gasped as they looked at Jun Wu Xie who had a wide smile on her face, as upon that peerlessly beautiful countenance, they saw that not a single bit of that smile came from inside her but felt just a cold and chilling sense of murder.

    Was what the Flame Demons Palace Lord said really true?

    The little lass' target was not just the Flame Demons Palace Lord and the others but also included the rest of the palaces?

    "Jun Wu Xie..... what are you really doing?" The Green Tide Palace Lord was getting chills from the series of things that had happened. Not even in his dreams would be have thought that so many of them, the Palace Lords of the various palaces, could be toyed to such an extent by a bunch of youths, unwilling to admit that deep inside his heart, he was feeling a kind of terror towards Jun Wu Xie.

    This lass here, was not human!

    She's truly a devil!

    "What is it?" Jun Wu Xie asked, her head slightly tilted to one side, as she raised her hand up slowly to touch her earlobe.

    Under her fingertip, a glint of silver flashed under the sun.

    Even before the Green Tide Palace Lord could reply, a streak of silver light suddenly shot out from Jun Wu Xie's hand to strike onto the Green Tide Palace Lord's body. In a blink, vines that were about the width of a child's arm fully covered the Green Tide Palace Lord's body in that instant, sharp thorns that were a little finger's length all along the vines' encircling coils piercing right into the Green Tide Palace Lord's flesh!

    "ARRRRGH!" An anguished cry tore towards the skies.

    The Green Tide Palace Lord turned into a man all covered in blood as the warm red liquid flowed down along the vines wound around his body to spill onto the ground!

    "Of course I will want to kill all of you present here." Jun Wu Xie said indifferently, her tone calm and without the slightest undulation, but the icy chill in those eyes already clearly showed her intent to kill without a doubt.

    The heavy stench of blood wafted into everyone's nose, the flowing blood so close to them.

    "What are all of you still standing there in a daze for! ? Can't all you hurry and slaughter that little wench already! ?" The Flame Demons Palace Lord roared at the bunch of Palace Lords who were stunned and dazed while being attacked by Qiao Chu.

    The Palace Lords suddenly snapped back to their senses as they stared at the young lady with that chillingly cold smile, a nameless fear in their hearts spreading throughout their bodies. In order for them to live, they could not afford to just stand back and watch any longer!

    At almost the same instant, the Palace Lords of the various palaces summoned up spirit powers in their bodies and it was only when they came to utilize their powers that they discovered in shock that their spirit powers had unknowingly drained by so much, their spirit powers decreased by at least two whole levels at least!

    "Kill her!" Gu Yi narrowed his eyes and shouted in a low voice. Together at the same time that the sound of his shout fell, all the Palace Lords who had been standing at the side to watch pounced at the same moment towards Jun Wu Xie!

    Four figures then jumped out from behind Jun Wu Xie in that instant, to meet with the various Palace Lords who were swooping in!
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