Chapter 1924: “Explosive Face Slap (16)”

    Chapter 1924: "Explosive Face Slap (16)"

    The Palace Lords of the Zen Void Palace, the Flamboyant Palace, the All Life Palace and the Pure Grace Palace were all properly stopped!

    "You want to touch our Young Miss, you will have to first get pass me." Ye Sha said coldly as he stopped the Pure Grace Palace Lord in his tracks.

    "Ants and maggots like these are actually thinking of hurting our Young Miss? A whole bunch of losers." "Ye Gu cricked his neck, his voice sounding out clearly, his eyes burning brightly. Ever since he left the Dark Emperor's tomb, the insatiable bloodlust that had been suppressed within his heart finally broke free from its binding chains!

    Standing right before his eyes, the Zen Void Palace Lord was to him already a dead man!

    "Bunch of imbeciles! Come at me if you have guts! Your Great Lord is waiting here for the whole lot of you!" Drunk Lotus taunted as he smashed the empty wine jar in his hand to the ground, staring arrogantly at the Flamboyant Palace Lord.

    "Heh heh, since someone's delivering themselves onto death, we must naturally help grant them their wish." Poppy said cradling his other elbow in his hand, the other hand held to his forehead, pretending to look highly perplexed as he looked sympathetically at the All Life Palace Lord in front of his eyes.

    The four figures that had appeared so suddenly caused the four Palace Lords to be rather startled. How could they have actually not noticed the arrival of these people?

    And what surprised them even more was that among these four people, there were actually two of them who were Ring Spirits! And plant type Ring Spirits at that!

    "Roar!" A roar that shook the Heavens suddenly rang out.

    A massive shadow stood to block the way between Jun Wu Xie and Gu Yi!

    The ferocious black beast then flashed its sharp fangs and claws at Gu Yi!

    "No matter who appears, we need to kill them off." The sense of unease was growing stronger in Gu Yi's heart. Their spirit energies had drained by quite a bit and looking at the forces that had been set up today, Jun Wu Xie must be well prepared!

    It would not be that easy to deal with this time!

    In an instant, they were all engaged in their own fights and intense battles rang out!

    Gu Yi could already see that the leader among this group of people was Jun Wu Xie!

    Get the leader when catching bandits and Gu Yi charged straight towards Jun Wu Xie aiming for the kill!

    The black beast leapt at Gu Yi and Jun Wu Xie took the opportunity to retract the Face of Selvan that was coiled around the Green Tide Palace Lord. Suddenly losing the vines as support, the Green Tide Palace Lord whose body had been pierced all over with gaping holes spilling out blood immediately fell over into a pool of his own blood, not moving in the slightest!

    With the Face of Selvan back in Jun Wu Xie's hand, she flicked her hand to fling the blood off before wearing it directly on her face. Countless vines then extended out from around the mask to cover Jun Wu Xie's entire body, from head to toe, shrouding her completely. After covering her entirely, a flash of silver brilliance suddenly shone out from the vines. When the brilliant light faded, the vines that had twined around Jun Wu Xie's body had already disappeared without leaving a single trace, and in its place, was a shiny suit of silver armour!

    The shiny armour shone with a silver brilliance, wrapping Jun Wu Xie completely within, the only thing showing was just that pair of eyes that was just terrifying to look at.

    Gu Yi was startled but had no time to think about it but to summon his Ring Spirit with a flick of his hand!

    It was a massive tiger type Ring Spirit with a long and sharp pair of fangs, its body twice as big as an adult elephant!

    The enormous tiger let out a Heaven shaking roar and lunged straight at the black beast blocking Gu Yi, seeking to send it flying. The two beasts were tangled up together in an instant, roaring incessantly!

    Gu Yi did not dare to tarry even for a moment but went charging straight towards Jun Wu Xie!

    However, wearing Selvan's armour, Jun Wu Xie's speed had increased by not just one level!

    The power of the Face of Selvan, was definitely not something any common magical artifact could compare to. It was capable of a thousand kind of transformations and every one of them would bring a massive upgrade to the user!

    The spirit light in Gu Yi's hand morphed into a saber of light and he swung it towards Jun Wu Xie, the blade leaving a trail of light in its wake!
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